12 Crazy TV Moments That Left Us Muttering: WTF?!?

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Sometimes things happen on TV that leave us completely shocked. Sometimes they have us scratching our heads.

We compiled a list of 12 WTF moments that we are still trying to process. Some of these were shocking in a good way, some we wish had never happened, but all possess a good amount of crazy.

So which moments from TV this spring still have us reeling? Check out our picks and be sure to let us know if you agree!

1. Jon Snow is Alive - Game of Thrones

Jon Snow is Alive - Game of Thrones
Yes, we really should have expected it, and we did but when the season premeire came and went and Jon Snow was still dead, we thought he'd stay that way. Instead some crazy magic from a god we never really believed in brought him back to life, even after multiple stab wounds, lots of blood loss and a day or two spent decomposing. No, we still shouldn't have been shocked, but we were.

2. Olivia Bashes In Andrew's Skull - Scandal

Olivia Bashes In Andrew's Skull - Scandal
Olivia caving Andrew's skull in with a chair. Yikes. She's so far gone that even she won't be able to fix it! Then again, there are oodles of fans out there who probably cheered her on in that moment. Was it a moment of strength or weakness?

3. Hanna Confesses to Charlotte's Murder - Pretty Little Liars

Hanna Confesses to Charlotte's Murder - Pretty Little Liars
Hanna confessed to Charlotte's murder to get A-moji off of her friends' backs, after they'd already tried to kill 3 out of the 5 of them. She was so confident and unafraid to confess a lie to the person who wanted revenge for Charlotte's death, and she knew that they'd be gunning for her next. Little did she know she'd be kidnapped.

4. All Zoom Wanted was to Race - The Flash

All Zoom Wanted was to Race - The Flash
After an entire season of Zoom threating Barry's friend and family, while trying to take his speed and ruin his life, their final battle is a... race? It all culminated to a lousy race that would allow Zoom to destroy every planet in the multiverse? It was lame, you can admit it.

5. An Eye-Opening Moment - Bates Motel

An Eye-Opening Moment - Bates Motel
Norman had already dug up his dead mother's corpse, dragging her across the dirt and treating her with so much disrespect in his quest to see why she wasnt talking to him, but when he opened her eyelids to reveal filmy eyes, and decided to glue them open permanenty? It was so macabre. Perfect for Bates Motel, of course, but still horrific.

6. A Head Stand - Gotham

A Head Stand - Gotham
Penguin turned over a new leaf after being released from Arkham, but it didn’t last long. His switch flipped after discovering Grace killed his father. Penguin, the whipping boy, was done. When Grace demanded he make a roast for dinner, he did one better. He killed and roasted her kids and served them to her on a big platter. After he told her exactly what she was eating, he killed her too. Later, he stuck her head on a stand and used it as a room decoration.

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