Ed: Barbara, do you even remember how amazing you were?
Barbara: I'm still amazing. I just made a choice.

Our story is over, old friend.


I'm not your enemy.


I wonder what Bruce will think of Selina. She's become quite the "it" girl around town.


Think he'll recognize you with that caterpillar on your top row?


You mean something to Gotham. You can't quit now.


Jim: What should I call her.
Barbara: Barbara.
Jim: Oh.
Barbara: Barbara Lee Gordon. In this city, it's important she knows who she can rely on.

Lee: I can't believe we're letting them do this.
Lucius: Add that to the list of things I can't believe.

For Gotham.


Jim: Surprised you're still here. Figured you'd be long gone by now. That storm you've warned me about for so long? It's finally here.
Oswald: We've shared some turbulent times you and I.
Jim: That we have.
Oswald: When you spared my life on the pier that day, banished me from Gotham, that was the most lost I've ever been. Because I was away from the City, you see? It's part of me. You know what I'm talking about because it's part of you, too. Sure, I could escape, with money, I might add, but then what? Stand on the shores and then watch the army burn it to the ground? Then watch tasteless industrialists and vapid politicians rebuild it? No. My life is etched on the walls of every alley and dirty warehouse here. My blood lives in its broken concrete. I'm staying to fight. For my legacy.

Jim: Oswald. Come in.
Oswald: You still have those eyes in the back of your head, Jim.
Jim: No. You just have a remarkably recognizable odor. Part dandy. Part snake. In all these years, it hasn't changed.

Oswald, you've been down this road before. Following your heart has never worked out for you.


Gotham Quotes

Riddler: Your death scene was quite convincing.
Penguin: I've had some practice.

Be good.

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