The Young and the Restless Recap: Luca Snaps! Adam Runs!

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We're counting down the crazy until The Young and the Restless' 11,000th episode, and nobody is being left behind! 

Not only are we being treated to sweet memories from the cast at the beginning of each episode, but the action is pretty much non-stop. We're getting even more new sets, seeing more familiar faces, and we're being promised more big stories to come. Let's dig in!

Heart to Heart - The Young and the Restless

Did they break the mold when hiring Justin Hartley to play Adam Newman? I'm starting to wonder. The current Adam storyline has a feel of finality about it. Not as in death, but as in he's going away, and we'll not be seeing him for a while. At least not until Hartley is available again to play him.

I could be wrong, and I hope so, because I've really liked this incarnation of Adam. In the right hands, he can be just as brilliant with another actor playing him. Again.

But wow. Adam has been through the ringer. For a while there, it almost seemed like we were going to lose him completely. Not that he'd die or go to prison even, but that he would be so downtrodden he might not recover. The relationship between Victor and Adam will never fully be understood. 

One of the things I was thankful Eric Braedon brought up while he walked down memory lane was how Victor started as a bad guy and was turned around because of his relationship with Nikki. It was really cool seeing those scenes again, ones that they don't often have reason to share.

We don't often see Adam and Nick seeing eye to eye, either, which is why their scene was so special. The filming and sound was also spectacular. All you could hear was the buzzing of the light as they talked, Adam revealing his true feeling for his brother, asking him to be a father to his son. 

Nick will never know it, but Adam was giving to Nick something he could really never replace – Christian. That's why he brought it up. By asking Nick to be a father to his son while he couldn't, he was also offering Nick a second chance to be a father, something that was ripped away when Christian died. Two gifts from Adam.

Now Adam's on the run. Of course Chelsea is going to join him. How the heck is this all going to end? 

Let's Not Pretend - The Young and the Restless

Everyone was hustling all week long trying to magically stop Summer's wedding. 

Summer continued to live in her hazy fantasy world that somehow Luca was right and everyone she loved her entire life was wrong. How she went from defending Grampa with every ounce of her being to thinking he was against her is beyond me. Young women in love will never be understood.

Vicki's trip to Mexico was fruitless on the Summer front, but she realized she wished she had sailed around the world with him. As a matter of fact, she even told Billy (without using the word) that she loved Travis. 

The Vicki and Billy conversation at her house was really sweet. I like that they're becoming very good friends and nobody is pushing them to become more (except Jill). Talking about the new people in their lives is a big step.

Vic knows Travis is really into her, but they couldn't find a common ground. The sea didn't meet the land. Or so she thought.

It's Not Over - The Young and the Restless

And even though the affair between Billy and Phyllis has taken a backseat lately, they have not fallen out of love. 

Before Sharon arrived with her mother of the bride dress choices, Phyllis had a daydream about marrying Billy. She's still torn, though, as she imagined Jack cutting into their wedding dance.

But when Jack really asked her to dance at the athletic club, Phyllis was very uncomfortable. Something she would have ordinarily considered romantic was anything but, and she felt as if all eyes were on her, and not in a good way.

The Husband's Back - The Young and the Restless

Jill thinks she's still holding the keys to the future of the love lives of pretty much everyone in Genoa City, but she doesn't control everyone. There's one person she can't control, and it's not her husband. It may be herself.

Remember last week when Billy called her out on her BS? He knows she has something up her sleeve. He and Cane sussed that out when Billy realized he was a tool when he was with Victoria, so it makes no sense to think them getting back together would be magical.

Colin finally followed his wife back to town, and he senses some sort of a con. He wants in on whatever she's she's hoping to tap into. I never thought of it in that context. Why on earth is she here, anyway??

Will it have something to do with the Winters family? We're on  the cusp of meeting Neil's mother. 

Sharing Family Secrets - The Young and the Restless

Hillary is working toward redeeming herself by sharing Neil's secrets with Lily. Now, I do not believe for a single second that Hillary had those letters sitting around. It's very unlike her to have kept those through the bad times, don't you think?

But, it is what it is and gets us to where we're going. Neil spent so long expecting his mother to be a turd that I think she's going to be just lovely.

If I were Neil and found my mother only as she's very old and not around much longer, that would send me into a deep depression. He never took the time to find out why she left. But it's cool we're getting more family for the Winters. They haven't expanded in a long time.

Luca's a Liar! - The Young and the Restless

Summer's...what was the party for Summer? It was a celebration of some sort, but since she moved everything to quickly, she had none of the traditional parties, so it could have been a shower, and engagement party and a rehearsal dinner all rolled up into one.

Whatever it was, it brought the family out. Noah returned, promptly got drunk and turned fun. Travis followed his heart to dry land to reel in Victoria by dumping Luca overboard.

Luca tried to keep it together, but he rapidly fell to pieces. Summer tried to get anyone in the family to stand by her, but they all stepped back a pace or two to show they had no intention of being dry docked with her and Luca.

That Jack did that was surprising. He could have at least given Summer a heads up. She might have listened to him. Instead he just let her enjoy her potential happiness, and when it started to crumble, she was stunned.

Back at her place, Luca told her the truth. A gobsmacked Summer wanted to call the police. THEN Jack came through by showing up for her to see if she was OK. She was decidedly not OK, as Luca had her in a stranglehold. Oops.

A New 'Ship is Born - The Young and the Restless

Mariah was faring a little bit better. Because her night seemed to include Daniel.

Will Daniel's return be extended? It was pretty obvious he was visiting alone because something went amiss with Heather. Filming him and Mariah in the same shot just after she said she was always the reasonable one (or something like that), was also suspect.

Pairing Mariah and Daniel would be perfect. Not only would it force Phyllis and Sharon to deal with each other, but nobody wants to remember that Cassie was driving Daniel home when she was killed, least of all Daniel.

Mariah is nothing like Cassie, so the two of them getting to know each other would be a way to capitalize on the history of the actors. It's also a good way to get Kevin a little jealous. Will he see his two friends together and realize he wouldn't want to lose Mariah to anyone else?

Something has to light a fire under Kevin's behind. A Chloe and Kevin redo just doesn't sound fun.

So what do you guys think? What's had you amazed and what are you most excited for as we count down to 11,000?!

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