Quarry Season 1 Episode 3 Review: A Mouthful of Splinters

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The slow ride through Mac's world continues to fascinate.

Watching him make mistake after mistake after mistake and the repercussions that follow makes for some truly engaging television. It's amazing how fast each hour flies by, considering how slow the story is being told.

Quarry Season 1 Episode 3 was no exception as we got to see how his night of indiscretion almost cost Joni her life.

Don't Open the Door - Quarry Season 1 Episode 3

Joni proved herself to be quite resourceful despite the fact she ignored her intuition and let Suggs into the house. I would imagine that even if she did close the door on him, he wouldn't have just walked away. And, had that happened, things might have turned out much worse for Joni.

We really got to see some added depth to Joni's character when she found herself tied up at Suggs' place. Jodi Balfour did an excellent job portraying Joni's fear while still giving us a glimpse of that inner strength we knew was going to get her through this horrific experience.

There was no doubt she wasn't going to go down without a fight.

And that quiet anger and confusion later when Mac picked her up was portrayed with perfection. I really loved the scene when she went to give the dog water as it was so odd, yet so on point considering what she had just gone through.

Think about that for a minute. This woman was kidnapped, fended off her kidnapper, fell into a lake, found herself covered with worms, and then, when it was all over decides to give a thirsty dog water instead of falling into Mac's arms.

That's one strong woman there, folks. I like that she didn't run to Mac and act like he was the savior of her day or her life or her anything.

She showed that she was perfectly capable of depending on herself, just as she had for all the time Mac was in Vietnam. Something he chose to do the second time around. 

You have no idea who your husband is.


I think he was surprised by it all, even though he didn't say it. He didn't ask how she escaped, only if she was hurt. Maybe he was just overwhelmed by it all. But, it certainly was a kick to the gut when she let him know she knew about Gwen.

There was a lot she could've lashed out at him for, but all of it was complicated so she picked the easiest thing. It was probably the most hurtful, because had he not lashed out at her by hooking up with Gwen, maybe none of this would have happened. 

They say that cheating's not about the other person. It's about you and your need for feeling sexy. Whatever. Being desired. Still, I don't know why that dipshit husband of yours would go out for meatloaf when he's got this at home.


It's hard to believe Mac really thinks he can escape his dilemma. He can't be that stupid. Maybe he's just going to take Joni somewhere safe and come back, because he's never going to escape. The Broker has eyes on Mac, and you can be sure he hasn't forgotten about the thirty grand and the extra twenty grand he just forked out to save Joni.

Besides, Suggs is probably more pissed now than he ever was before, and he doesn't seem like he's a very kind and forgiving guy. And don't forget about the detectives. It's probably not a good thing that Mac hung up on them.

Speaking of Suggs, Kurt Yaeger was awesome as the nasty-mouthed, oyster-eating slime ball. It's no wonder someone wanted the guy dead. He's certainly not doing the world a service by being around. And, I still get the feeling there's more to his story than just being a target of The Broker.

You are a mouthy little cunt married to a mouthy little dick. You fit well together.


The fight scene between him and Joni was one of the best scenes of the hour.  I really didn't think Joni was going to be able to overcome him, but I cheered when they flew off the pier into the water and Joni was able to escape in the boat. The look of satisfaction on her face was perfect.

But, the best scenes of the hour had to go to Buddy and his mother. As serious as everything else was, you couldn't help but laugh along with Buddy as his mom told him her stories.

Baby, I won't tell anybody you got a wooden dick if you don't tell nobody I got a mouthful of splinters.

Naomi (telling a story to Buddy)

His laugh was contagious, and I could have listened to his mother's stories the whole night. It was such a contrast to dismalness of the rest of the hour. When was the last time Mac laughed like that?

But, it was also heartbreaking to see Buddy cry about the emptiness he's feeling inside. I imagine in his type of work, it's going to get to you after a while. All that blood and beating and killing. And, what it looks like to me is that he's never going to escape either which doesn't bode well for Mac or Joni.

I still wonder how Buddy got into all this in the first place, and I hope we'll be seeing that as the season progresses. It seems like it would be a very interesting story, indeed.

What did you think of "A Mouthful of Splinters"? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Remember, if you missed any of the action, you can watch Quarry online right here via TV Fanatic!

A Mouthful of Splinters Review

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You won't do shit compared to what I'll do to her if you don't shut the fuck up.


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Karl: Whatever you like, but pry better to steer clear of the truth. For her sake.