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If you watch Tyrant, there's no doubt up through Tyrant Season 2 you were all in.

Tyrant Season 3, however, has been something completely different, and FX knows it. They made the decision not to move forward with a fourth season.

The story was focused on the youngest son of a powerful Middle Eastern family returning from America, American wife and children in tow, to take his rightful place in the family, even if he didn't realize that's what he really intended to do.

A Changing Country - Tyrant

It was compelling stuff. But the lead never quite found his place in the show.

As a result, big changes were made coming into Season 3 and they didn't necessarily sit well with viewers. While the series has never scored high ratings, what it did have was a solid and loyal fan base.

Al-Qadi Is Caught - Tyrant

Bringing in Chris Noth (The Good Wife) and Annet Mahendru (The Americans) didn't add anything to the story, and what was lost was already gone.

“It’s very difficult to find common ground with other people whose stories we do not know or understand,” said John Landgraf, CEO of FX Networks and FX Productions.

“The creators of Tyrant have done their utmost over three seasons to tell American audiences a tiny fraction of the many gripping, human stories coursing through the Middle East today."

"We want to thank Howard Gordon, Chris Keyser and their talented team of collaborators, including all the writers, directors, cast and crew, as well as our studio partners at Fox 21 Television Studios, for taking on Tyrant’s tremendously ambitious story with such profound dedication and respect.”

That doesn't mean Fox 21 won't be attempting to show the series around to find it another home.

“Tyrant is a beloved show to all of us at Fox 21 Television Studios, and we are indebted to Howard and Chris for their incredible work, and to John Landgraf and everyone at FX who have been fantastic partners,” said Fox 21 Television Studios President Bert Salke.

“We feel the show is a gem and we’d love to find a way to keep it in production."

"That said, we want to be realistic about its prospects. So for its loyal audience, tonight’s episode will be a satisfying end should the series not find another home, but also provides interesting possibilities should we be able to continue on some other platform.”

The series finale of Tyrant airs at 10 PM tonight, September 7, on FX:

Verge of War - Tyrant

Tyrant Season 3 Episode 10 – “Two Graves” – Barry and Molly are on the brink of waging war on the Caliphate.

Leila makes a bold political move and braves the possibility of a close betrayal. Barry and Daliyah face a final reckoning in their relationship.

The conflict in Abuddin threatens to turn into a bloody civil war.

Tune in for the finale and be here afterward for a full review. If you want to catch up, you can watch Tyrant online.

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Tyrant Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

A good cause is a good cause, lost or not.


This place wears you down. Failure wears you down. After a while, you just want to say, "Fuck it," and do what you think is right.