Younger Interview: Molly Bernard and Dan Amboyer on Life After Liza's Secret, Idol Worship & More

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Molly Bernard and Dan Amboyer play Lauren and Thad/Chad, respectively on Younger. Lauren is not only Kelsey's best friend, but Maggie's lover. As Thad, Dan was Kelsey's fiance, now deceased, and we're waiting to find out what kind of character he'll play in twin, Chad.

After discussing the ATX Festival (Molly notes it celebrates the pure unadulterated love of TV) and discovering what Dan and I had in common (he went to Carnegie Mellon University...I live in Pittsburgh), we barreled into a full on Younger discussion like the pros we are. Enjoy!

Molly Bernard and Dan Amboyer

You guys have a super hot show and Dan didn't die! The supporting characters on the show are so much fun and have so many wonderful qualities. How much fun do you guys have?

Molly: Oh my gosh. So much fun. The hiatus that we took between Season 2 and Season 3 was really rich for me. I did a play in New York at Soho Rep, and it was so good for my soul, but I missed our cast. I feel very lucky to be on this show because we all genuinely not only like each other but really love and have deep bonds with each other.

Showing up to work, for me, it's my first big TV job, so I'm learning from all of these people that I'm also friends with. Sutton was my childhood idol. Like, I wrote Sutton fan mail when I was 14 and she wrote me back saying, 'follow your dreams, Molly."

It's amazing...I grew up watching TV thinking those people must have been predestined to do that. Like they, you don't just work and get that, that just happens to people. But with a lot of hard work, it's worth it to be on this quality of a show. And totally on TV Land. Their original programming – they're in a new phase – so everything is so fresh with our veteran Darren. We're in great hands is I guess what I'm trying to say.

Dan: Just from doing guest stars on other shows, a lot of people just disappear into their trailer and they never talk to you. But I remember the after we started shooting the first season after the pilot, texting my friends and being like, I'm actually enjoying working on a TV show.

Because usually it feels just like work and transactional, but we're working with people who have fun and hang out outside the show, too. And just like Molly, I was a Miriam Shor super fan. I was in college and went to see a play she was doing at Primary Stages and I waited for her outside the stage door.

When I was in college, I wanted to meet her so much and shake her hand so badly because I enjoyed her work so much. It's crazy that all these years later I got to do a TV with her.

Did she say follow your dreams, Dan?


Dan: She was probably a little bit hesitant about me, because not many people wait for actors after an off-Broadway show.

Molly: I was a Miriam fan, too.

Dan: Were you?

Molly: Uh huh.

Dan: Yeah, she played Yitzak in Hedwig. Yeah, we have so many cool people...

Molly: There are some legends.

An eclectic cast.

Molly: Isn't that amazing?

Dan: Yeah, and people have such different backgrounds, though, which makes it such a good energy to bring into it, and it kind of has a good feeling.

Molly: Yeah. It is an eclectic cast. Lots of TV people, lots of theater people. The cast, the grouping is so interesting, and I think that's why it's a really fun show to watch. Because it's not predictable like that.

Younger Group

Everybody brings something different to the table.

Molly: So different. So different. And also everyone is supporting each other, so the scenes are very alive. Uh. I love our jobs.

So what do you think of the topic? An older woman trying to be younger to fit in?

Molly: I vaguely have problems with it, but I think that's why the show is being done.

The problem of the show is the problem of our culture, so it's important because ultimately what it's proving is that relationships are relationships. That pilot is kind of heartbreaking, that she can't get a job anywhere and lies, dressing up like a young person and gets hired immediately.

I mean, if you think about it, now that her boss is interested in her, it's like, oy. It's so problematic. But it's important that it's being made because it's dealing with those issues in sometimes really sweet ways and sometimes really real ways. Because when the show gets real, it gets real.

It does. You can be laughing one minute and brought to tears the next.

Molly: It's true.

Dan: We've been talking about what's the life of the show after the secret is revealed and I'm excited for those moments to see where it goes. Because then the show gets really real and there are a lot of really cool possibilities to have social commentary and TV with a cool message.

Molly: But that's the best TV. You know? That's the brilliant thing about Darren and the writers.

Dan: It's sneaky.

Molly: It is sneaky. It's candy and really a delicious treat and then has these moments of realness that always kind of stop. I don't watch every episode, because I get a little afraid to watch myself, but the episodes that I do watch? Like that relationship between Kelsey and Liza is so strong and so deep.

Dan: One of my favorite moments was when Miriam [Diana] gives the check to Liza. That moment just really added this huge, other dimension to her character, too. It was such a cool moment that really touched me.

Molly. It was. It touched me. And in my mind, when she gave her that check, I created this whole fantasy that Diana somehow knows.

Dan: Yeah, and you know what? I think it would be really cool if she did know and was like, oh, I've known.

Molly: I know! And I feel like Lauren won't care, Kelsey's going to be pissed, Diana will have known because she probably background checks everyone.

Dan: Exactly. Thad already knew, so...[laughs]

Molly: Thad knew. Dead. Look what happened to him. Damn!

Dan: Yeah, right? [laughs] Look what happened to him, so...

Thad Dies

What does that mean for the rest of the characters?!

Molly: Everyone can die on our show.

Dan: You better watch out, because I know what can happen next.

Molly: It turns out, our show is Lost.

It depends upon their reaction. If their reaction is negative...

Dan: Do not blackmail! Absolutely do not blackmail.

So what's happening in the third season with this Chad fellow?

Dan: Well, I wish I knew. I wish I knew.

I think you're going to be in the show. Here you are.

Dan: Here I am. But we just read the first two episodes, right before we came here, and Chad isn't there. I'm curious to see what goes down. Because we just got a little sneak peek of who Chad was, a little bit, in the season finale, and I'm curious what will be explored. Is he the good guy, is he the better twin, or is he the evil twin?

Molly: I know. That's kind of interesting. That theme was brought up.

Dan: Yeah.

Molly: We literally have no idea.

I'm hoping he's going to look like he's evil, because Kelsey's going to have all kinds of feelings going on since she actually thought Thad was a good guy, [Dan laughs} but then she's going to find out Chad's actually a good guy and maybe fall in love for real and have a guy who treats her well, which will shock her.

Molly: That would be cool. I want that for Kelsey.

Dan: I'm curious. I'm not sure if that could work because she needs some time. She needs to be single.

She's not good at time.

Molly: She does need to be single.

Dan: She does need to be single. But um, yeah, I'm for that.

It's TV. There's not a lot of time on TV. Everything happens really fast.

Dan: What is the timeline for the show, from like the pilot to now? Like three months?

Molly: I want to ask Darren that. I don't know. I honestly think it has to have been...

Dan: Like a year?

Molly: How old is Liza now? Is she 26 still? Is she 27, 28?

Dan: But her birthday would be such a big event.

Molly: Oh...she hasn't had a birthday.

Dan: Everyone else had a birthday. Kelsey...

Younger Mag Lauren

Oh no! One more question time. I want to know about Lauren and Maggie, because it was so out of character for Lauren to become smitten and want to settle down.

Molly: I think so, too. That episode was honestly one of the hardest days and the most wonderful days on set, because I said to the director, Lauren's never had to be vulnerable, so how should I play this? Should I do Lauren vulnerable or actual vulnerable? He said, 'no, play the scene.'

And so, I think Lauren really loves Maggie. My favorite part of that is there's no other relationship like that on TV, and older woman dating a younger woman like the hetero version of that.

I they're out in the open about it and Liza and Josh are not. Maggie and Lauren are just kind of doing it, and it's not a big deal, until it is, as are matters of the heart. I hope we get more true love scenes. I would like to see Lauren and Maggie have either a fight or a profession of love, you know, something a little fuller.

Younger returns to TV Land Wednesday, September 28 at 10/9c. Don't miss it! 

And don't miss two more interviews before the premiere!

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