American Horror Story Round Table: The Pig Man Cometh

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We got so much information about our antagonists on American Horror Story Season 6 Episode 4 ... and it was honestly a little overwhelming.

Chapter 4 revealed the disturbing history of how the Roanoke colonists (led by the Butcher and her witch guide) and their land came to be bound together, in death, for eternity. It also explained how the forest witch (played by the one and only Lady Gaga) and her mysterious powers came to be at Roanoke.

Join TV Fanatics Yana, Paul, and Amanda as they break down the twists and turns of the latest installment of American Horror Story!

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We learned a lot about the characters (particularly the villains) on Chapter 4. What was your favorite reveal?

Yana: The way the two nurses died was definitely the worst to watch, but the overall background info was great. It's about time we found out something about all the people who lived in that house and what happened to them.

Paul: I liked that we found out about Priscilla and that she made it her mission to get back at the Butcher.

Amanda: I liked that we got more backstory on Lady Gaga's forest witch. I was the most curious about her heading into the episode.

What's the deal with Scathach, aka Lady Gaga's forest witch? What do you think she needs Matt for?

Yana: An offspring? It's always about a baby on this show, or an unexpected pregnancy. My money is on no protection being used during both brainwashed sex scenes and that fact somehow coming back to bite Matt in the ass.

Paul: I have no idea. However, I do agree with Yana that it will most likely involve a baby.

Amanda: Definitely a baby... Yet another demon baby to add to the growing list on this series.

Cricket Marlowe and Elias Cunningham both (apparently) died horribly. Which was the bigger loss or more affecting death?

Yana: Elias. I don't know why, but I grew attached to the character, and I hope the actor wasn't lying when he said the character would return.

Paul: Elias. Like Yana said, he made a huge impression in such a short time.

Amanda: Elias was more shocking, since we haven't had much time with him, but Cricket's death made me more sad.

Among the other iconic AHS villains – Rubber Man, Bloodyface, Twisty the Clown, etc. – where does the Pig Man rank?

Yana: He's a mysterious villain in a pig mask who could be Evan Peters ... He ranks pretty high in my book. I think he is the most terrifying because we don't know his back story, so for now he is the most intriguing to me.

Paul: Not very high. They need to give us backstory before I care.

Amanda: I can't rank him yet, since we have nearly zero understanding of who he is.

Who was the MVP of Chapter 4?

Yana: Pig Man. Nothing beat him randomly popping up and chasing people around. I'm all about the villains who have no tragic backstory, so all we get is dramatic entrances.

Paul: Cricket. He was absolutely hilarious yet again, and it sucks that he's gone.

Amanda: Cricket! May we see his soul wandering about the property.

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