Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Honesty Is The Best Policy

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As Amelia and Owen settled into married life, they finally began to open up about their dark pasts.

OnĀ Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 4, we saw Amelia and Owen discuss the possibility of children. But is it too soon?

Join TV Fanatics Jasmine, Tiffany, and Elizabeth as they discuss Amelia and Owen's future, the car crash that is the Meredith-Nathan-Maggie love triangle and which characters they'd like to see team up...

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Do you think Amelia and Owen are ready for children?

Jasmine: You can never be ready for children. They moved pretty fast, but I think they're pretty good together. I actually think I would like to see that. I'm vaguely familiar with Amelia's past issues, and Owen has always wanted a kid. I'd like that for him. I'd like it for both of them. On the other hand...soooo many babies on this show. We already have Harriet.

Tiffany: I know they think they are because they really want kids, but they were married so quickly & are still getting to know each other. I think it would be better to build a solid foundation before they add the stress of kids.

Elizabeth: Wasn't a big part of the reason they finally got together (and so quickly) because they were both down for kids? There may be details they don't know about each other, and Owen really needs to work on being open with his partner, but they're way more ready than a lot of people are when they have kids.

Who's the most annoying in the love triangle: Meredith, Maggie, or Nathan?

Jasmine: Consider me part of the Maggie Defense Squad. She's always referred to as annoying, and I just don't agree or think it's fair. I like Maggie. She's an awkward, precious cupcake. Definitely Meredith because she's the one making this whole unnecessary, love triangle that no one asked for more difficult than it should be! She's toying with both Nathan and Maggie in different ways. Let Nathan know where you stand and stick to it, no mixed messages! Tell your damn sister the truth and stop disrespecting and humiliating her! Honestly! I'm the most sympathetic to Maggie in this god-awful mess.

Tiffany: Unfortunately at this point I'm annoyed with them all. Maggie is annoying because she is making such a big deal about this Riggs thing. She asked him out & he said no, who cares? Meredith is annoying because she's lying to Maggie & continues to flirt with Riggs. Riggs is annoying because he knows he's coming between two sisters which will most likely also cause problems at work but he doesn't seem to care. Move on already people!

Elizabeth: Riggs. Meredith has repeatedly told him she's not interested. Her behavior may indicate otherwise, but that's beside the point. He needs to respect her wishes. She may be attracted to him, but she's made a conscious choice to not pursue that attraction. I'm sure some folks will accuse me of over reacting, but his attitude is a cornerstone of rape culture.

Was Meredith right to question Nathan's decision-making?

Jasmine: Maybe. He has a tendency of being so wrapped up in their flirtmance and not taking things seriously. I can understand why she second-guessed him a bit there. It doesn't help that it was against Owen and they have that combative relationship.

Tiffany: I don't know if she was "right" but it seems natural given the characters & their histories. Mer barely knows Riggs, and he has a sketchy history with Owen's sister. Plus Mer has serious trust issues, especially with men.

Elizabeth: Yeah, maybe. To be fair to him, there hasn't been any evidence that he's compromised his medical ethics for anything. But considering his dogged perusal of her despite her clear indications she's not interested...I get where she was coming from. It also seemed more like a reflection of her own guilt than an accusation of him.

Richard and Alex made a good team. Which pair of doctors would you like to see team up more often?

Jasmine: I did enjoy them. I used to really like the Maggie and Alex team ups too. I'd like to see better use of Deluca and Stephanie. Pairing them up with someone other than Amelia, why not Stephanie and Meredith for example, and...does Deluca even get paired up with anyone anymore? He used to be one of the best of the interns and now he's just sort of there. I hate that.

Tiffany: Mer needs some guidance for sure so I would say pair her up with someone who can remind her of who she is & what's at stake here, like Bailey, Chief or even Owen who knows what its like to have a guy come between his relationship with his sister. Bonus points if they weave it in with a juicy case.

Elizabeth: I'd like to see Alex and Bailey work together some, but he and the chief made a good team. I think Stephanie and Maggie could be interesting together. The sisters could all fight over Edwards!

What was your favorite scene and/or quote?

Jasmine: I can't say that anything really stood out. Perhaps when they explained to the patient that she wasn't an alcoholic, and even though she made that dig at Alex for being incompetent, he was happy just because figuring it out and saving her was enough. Despite this Deluca issue, Alex has come a long way from who he used to be in season one.

Tiffany: I loved Alex & Chief's good cop/bad cop routine! The Chief has always been one of my fav characters.

Elizabeth: April and Jackson are pretty much always my favorites right now. Maybe it's because they're the ones with the most potential to come back from an epically ish situation and claw their way to happiness. Owen and Amelia working out their issues and deciding to go forward with having a family was a pretty close second though.

So what are your thoughts?

Share your answers to the round table questions in the comments sections below, and don't forget to check out Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 5 when it airs on Thursday, October 20th at 8/7c on ABC!

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