Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 4 Review: Falling Slowly

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Despite their status as husband and wife, Owen and Amelia still have a lot to learn about each other. 

Communication is key for a marriage, and thankfully they began to open up on Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 4.

Elsewhere in the episode, Alex tried to keep his head up and saved a young woman's life. While, Meredith questioned Nathan's decision-making as their patient's condition took a turn for the worse.

Amelia Wonders - Grey's Anatomy

Amelia and Owen's relationship moved at lightening speed. While I supported this pairing from their first kiss and beyond, the quick pace of their courtship often left me wondering how stable they would be long term.

These two got married way before they should have, so it makes sense there would be repercussions. Owen was right saying they have the rest of their lives to learn everything about each other, but Amelia was also right to want to know more about the man she's married to.

Owen and Meredith's conversation in the elevator was a quick, humorous scene. Her facial expressions and the way he rambled on about Amelia's questioning was a nice moment of levity.

Owen: She's asks me a question, and I answer it, and my answer just causes more questions, and suddenly I've forgotten what we were talking about, and I'm late for work, and I love her, and it's exhausting.
Meredith: You feel better?
Owen: Yeah, a little bit.

Owen's hesitance to open up didn't seem in line with the man we've come to know. With Cristina, he was the one who tried to get her to talk. While Amelia is brilliant and beautiful like Cristina, she's a completely different person who is much more emotionally expressive. 

Amelia is one of those characters that people seem to either love or hate. Her development on Private Practice made me fall in love with her long before she stepped foot in Seattle. Her journey has been one filled with addiction, tragedy, perseverance, and strength. 

Pairing her with Owen felt completely natural. He's another person who managed to bend their psychological scars. Owen and Amelia are cut from the same cloth.

Hands down, the most satisfying moment came when Amelia and Owen opened up about their dark pasts. I had been waiting for Amelia to share that story about her dead fiancé, and Owen's PTSD was a major storyline when he first got together with Cristina. 

Amelia: We're okay, right?
Owen: We're okay.
Amelia: And our kids will be okay?
Owen: Our kids will be amazing.

Owen not bringing up the topic of kids with Amelia before seems bizarre. The entire reason his relationship with Cristina was doomed was because he desperately wanted to be a father, and Cristina never wanted to be a mother. 

You would think he would make sure the next woman he married would be on the same page as him. Thankfully Amelia seems just as eager to get started on making a baby.

Meanwhile, Alex was busy trying to keep his head above water in the clinic. I found it a little annoying how he and the others were either annoyed or made fun of his scut work.

Alex put himself in the position he's in. He's not better than scut work right now, and he deserves to have to answer to someone like Nurse Tamir.

Does that mean I didn't love seeing Alex save that girl's life? Absolutely not! This is Alex we've all come to love and admire over the years. 

Alex is at his best when he goes the extra mile to take care of a patient. This time that meant saving her life, but not taking any credit for it. His future may be uncertain, but at least he can keep his head on straight and focus on the work he's been given.

Now we've come to the storyline I can't stand. There aren't enough eye rolls and tequila shots to get me through this love triangle.

Drinking Time

I think Maggie is wonderful, but she seriously needs to get over Nathan's rejection. Her awkwardness around him makes her look like a child who can't handle hanging around the grownups.

Then there's Meredith. How many more episodes will I have to write about her lack of common sense? It's simply exhausting.

There's no denying that she and Nathan have a spark. Even when Meredith is turning him down, she's flirting with him. 

Her insistence that they remain colleagues will never last. It's too late. We've already seen how both of their feelings affect them on the job. Nathan won't stop hitting on her, and Meredith is now questioning his motives if he agrees with her.

Nathan: Whoa, whoa, if you think I would play around with a patient's well-being in order to get into your pants...
Meredith: That's not what I'm saying. I'm asking a question.
Nathan: It's a damned offensive question.
Meredith: Did we make the right decision for the right reason?
Nathan: I agreed with you because you were right, not because you are you.

Nathan was rightly upset by Meredith's accusation. However, their entire exchange was more about her feelings than about his. If Meredith didn't like him, she wouldn't be worried about what he's thinking about her.

Let's be perfectly clear, Meredith is the one responsible for this mess. Maggie is innocent and only aware of her own crush on Nathan, and Nathan wanted Meredith to be honest from the beginning. 

I fear Maggie won't discover the truth until the mid-season break, and that day can't come fast enough.

Leftover Thoughts

  • How soon before Jackson and April fall back in bed together? I'm rooting for these two, and Jackson wanting April to stay with him only makes me want to see their reunion more! 
  • We rarely get to see Alex and Richard team up, and it's a shame.
  • Are the writers setting up Jo and Andrew as a couple? Please no!

So over to you! What are your predictions for Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 5? Get your first look below.

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Falling Slowly Review

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