Queen Sugar Round Table: The Truth Comes Out About Davis!

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Nova paid Too Sweet’s bail with farm funds... Ralph Angel came this close to being sent back to prison ... and Davis was taken down by his own words on Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 6.

Below, TV Fanatics Jasmine, Lee, Jenn and Christine O. debate Davis being a monster, Nova’s money grab and whether Ralph Angel will ever get it together in this week’s Queen Sugar round table. 

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Should Nova have used the farm funds to bail out Too Sweet?

Jasmine: Absolutely not! I understand that she wanted to help him, but she was completely in the wrong to not only use the funds, but not consult with her siblings either. I just... I couldn't even wrap my head around that poor decision on her part.

Lee: Totally agree with Jasmine. I think her fight with Charley over Nova's comments in the radio interview, as well as Davis' sanctimonious little speech about how much he could relate to Too Sweet, led her to make an impulsive choice out of anger and self-righteousness. And a very, very bad choice, at that. 

Jenn: Heck no! Honestly I thought she was going to say, "I need $1,000 deposited," but $10,000. OMG! Nova knows better then that. What if Ralph Angel did that? This is going to blow up in her face.

Christine: Exactly. If Ralph Angel had done that, she’d be all over him. I know her heart was in the right place but she should have discussed her fears with Charley and at least come up with some sort of agreement to pay it back. This was the equivalent of embezzlement of company funds. 

Do you think Ralph Angel will pull it together enough to stay out of prison?

Jasmine: I actually think he will. Finally they brought up the idea that he should work on the farm and have Charley give him a wage. It's the best case scenario for him right now, and it benefits everyone. I think after that scare, he might get it together.

Lee: I hope so! I do think that the close call with the cops searching the farm for stolen goods was a big wake-up call for him. Clearly Aunt Vi is in his corner, even if his sisters are often in their own little bubbles and seemingly unaware of how difficult his situation is. Having him work for a wage on the farm is a great idea -- fingers crossed it works out for the best. 

Jenn: I hope so as well. Ralph Angel needs to lean on his family, and know that it’s okay. Ralph Angel can fall into bad patterns easily, so if he could be honest with his family about it maybe they could help. I know he wants to do everything on his own, which is funny because the girls are the same way. But the more he leans on his family he'll be able to fall out of the same patterns. Hopefully this taught him a lesson and showed him family always has his back.

Christine: I love Ralph Angel. He’s got a huge heart but he also has a bad habit of making stupid, reckless decisions and then hiding them from the people who care about him. If he doesn’t figure out how to be honest with his family and make smarter choices, he’s going to get sent back to prison. 

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How much of a monster is Davis, and what should Charley do next?

Jasmine: A huge one. He treated Goldie no better than a trading card! And she was under the impression that they had some form of friendship. Charley should drop him like a bad habit. A divorce. Screw the optics and the "stand by your man" bull crap! He's not a good person.

Lee: Davis is such a gigantic monster that he rivals the whale from Moby Dick or the dragons from Game of Thrones. watching Charley's reaction to that taped phone call, culminating in her deeply compassionate apology to Melina, was such a painful moment. Thinking about what must have been going through her mind in that moment made me feel nauseous. And at the same time, in some ways it was a great moment for Charley, because it finally eliminated any last excuses she could have come up with to stand by Davis. She should slam the door on him and move on, focusing on the farm -- and Remy!

Jenn: I mean I knew something was going to drop about Davis, but even I had my mouth open during that scene. Honestly this is worse then anything I thought he could have done. To have other men just have their way with her because you had to go is disgusting. Then the phone call where you not only disrespect your wife but have absolutely no remorse for what you did, just frightening. Charley needs to make her new life in Louisiana and never go back to LA. She can never have a normal with Micah in LA. I don't think she'll take Davis back, she knows he is pure evil!

Christine: Davis is sleaze. He obviously never deserved Charley and she needs to kick him to the curb and make sure she gets her share of what they’ve built together. Time to move on and not look back. 

We now know that Hollywood may be too good to be true; are you worried that Remy might be hiding something too?

Jasmine: Oh dear God, I hope not! I love Remy and I like the chemistry he has with Charley. She's still married, so I can put the shipping on pause, but he seems to be a good friend and at the very least she deserves that. I really hope they don't rip that away from Charley. Or us!

Lee: I am not necessarily worried that he's hiding anything, but I am worried that his weird engineered cane seed will backfire and destroy the farm.

Jenn: Remy has to be a good guy! I don't think Hollywood was too good to be true, I think he just needs to be honest. They both are great guys. I don't think Remy is hiding anything, I think Charley will just have a hard time trusting anyone at this point.

Christine: I’m hoping what you see is what you get with Remy. He seems like a really stand up guy and he’s been a good friend to all the Bordelon’s. I really hope that continues. 

Was there anything about Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 6 that disappointed you?

Jasmine: Nova. I thought she did a great job during that interview, and her connection with the new girl seems sweet, and I loved when she called Davis out when he compared himself to others. But, I feel like she's pulled in a few directions and not giving any one thing enough focus where it does any good. I actually groaned when she used the farm funds on Too Sweet.

Lee: I thought Nova's actions were pretty disappointing, too. She is so smart and has the potential to do so much good in her community as well as in her family, but she can't seem to get her priorities organized.

Jenn: Nova's actions were disappointing, I think we all can agree on that. Other then that nothing disappointed me. All the characters have flaws and I like when the show explores them.

Christine: I kept hoping that Ralph Angel would be honest with Nova or Aunt Vi about what was happening at work. He had more than one opening to ask for help, but instead he decided to hide it. We saw how that could have worked out. If it weren’t for Vi stepping in Ralph Angel would be back in jail. 

Charley and Remy - Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 6

What was your favorite quote or scene from “As Promised”?

Jasmine: I loved when Ralph Angel and Aunt Vi had that moment after the cops left. I do believe he really is trying and Aunt Vi sees that. She has a soft spot for Ra, and I loved when she let him know that she covered for him but she needs him to do better.

Lee: I was really entertained by the awkward small talk between Remy and Ralph Angel  while Nova and Charley tore into each other in the next room. It was so deliciously, hilariously uncomfortable -- just a prime example of the kinds of small moments between characters that make Queen Sugar feel so real. And then, as usual, Aunt Vi saved the day with a bottle of liquor. I love her so much. 

Jenn: My favorite scene, even though it was horrible at the same time, was Davis. I was yelling at the TV when Goldie played the phone conversation. To see how well Davis portrays himself as a stand up guy, then to see it was all a facade was amazing. To see Charley crumble in that moment was very emotional. I agree with Lee I also loved the scene between Remy and Ralph Angel while the sisters were fighting.

Christine: Remy and Ralph Angel trying to ignore the quarreling sisters in the next room was my favorite as well, but there was also something incredibly satisfying in watching Davis’ expression as he heard his own words played back to him. Not that I think he thought any of it was wrong, but he had to know that when Charley heard them that his game was over. 

Check back Wednesday night for our review of Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 7 and if you can’t wait until then, you can catch up on all the drama and watch Queen Sugar online here at TV Fanatic. 

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