The Young and the Restless Recap: Is Travis Being Groomed as the Next Adam?

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There was a lot going on this week in Genoa City, which culminated in an exciting presentation by the Brash & Sassy executives that revealed their new product and semi-cheesy commercial (Sorry, Cane.).

It wasn't an easy road to the big event, though, because Billy started the week in a jail cell with Travis.

Brash and Sassy Reveal - The Young and the Restless

But all's well that ends well, right?

Before we strike out at those stories, let's lead in with what's going on with the GC Buzz. I have a few thoughts on this whole storyline. 

The first is that it's hard to believe we've gone so long without some sort of reporter on Y&R. With all the drama going on in town, it's been missing. However, the idea to take the Buzz on the straight and narrow is just a little unbelievable, especially with Hillary on board.

Do we have to watch every time a new story comes up now while Devon and Hillary struggle in their marriage over whether or not she should pull the trigger on a more gossipy version of Buzz? Because of course she should.

It's in her bones and it's who Devon married. And nobody wants that garbage they're airing now. Not even me.

Which takes me back to the Bare reveal. Was I the only one expecting some of that Travis and Billy fight video to end up tacked onto the end of the commercial? It would have been more exciting than the actual commercial.

Because YIKES. That was terrible. All that work and that's all they came up with? A soft-core porn commercial? Bare should have been a lot more tantalizing and not in a cheap way. 

Another Anniversary for Delia - The Young and the Restless

At least we were reminded why Billy was in such a foul mood earlier in the week. It's amazing how fast a year goes by, isn't it?

It feels like just yesterday we were planting the tree for Delia. Has Chloe been back for a full year already? Or was that at some other Delia related event? 

But more importantly, Billy met Bella and couldn't help but wonder at the amazing similarity between Bella and Delia. Someday that will all be revealed.

Grooming Travis - The Young and the Restless

Billy was also involved with Travis by way of his bad mood and the bar fight. That dragged over into this week because everybody kept saying Travis and Billy fought over Victoria.

After initially trying their darndest to set the people straight about what happened at the bar, they eventually just succumbed to the idea and by the end of the week, it seemed canon that they fought each other. The only thing in dispute was who threw the first punch. 

Billy is falling for Victoria again, if for no other reason than because there are no single women in Genoa City. He could try Mariah. Sure, she's a little young, but to keep the constant recycling of old relationships from happening, it would be a welcome change.

Billy's thumb was taking liberties on Vicki's back while he was zipping up her dress. Last time I checked, nobody needed to caress the skin before pulling up any zipper.

Everything between Travis and Vic seems to be good, outside of Billy. And Victor appears to be grooming Travis to be his new Adam. Did you notice the many flashes to Adam's photo this week? 

Travis is blond, respectful of Victor, being used to keep Billy from Victoria and learning the ropes of Newman Enterprises from Victor. I really think Travis is being eyed to take over Adam's role on the show. What are your thoughts on that?

He has just enough bad boy in his past and just enough heart that if he's blown off by Victoria and is close enough to Victor by then, becoming the next Adam may be in his future.

Corporate Espionage - The Young and the Restless

The new post-Phyllis Jack has taken on the demeanor of Marco. Unfortunately, he's kind of transparent. If Victor already knows Jack's the one ready to attempt a Newman Enterprises takeover, then how on earth can Jack succeed?

Oh, that's right. Phyllis isn't giving up on him!

Busted!!! - The Young and the Restless

I loved seeing BUSTED on the computer as she logged into Jack's account. And I was proud that Phyllis told Jack the truth when Ashley left the room. She could have come up with a song and dance to get out of what she was doing.

What's confusing is why Jack thought Phyllis would have wanted to stop him from trying to take down Victor. This is the Jack she was looking for all along. I'm not sure this is really who Jack wants to be, or if it will actually be good for Jack and Phyllis as a couple to focus on vengeance. 

Time will tell.

Elsewhere this week, Nick and Chelsea grew closer over Connor. They are both still blaming Sharon for pushing them together, but of course, they doth protest too much. The more they protest, the more they seem to be all about each other.

And Mariah was doing as much as she could to protect Sharon, but I wish the baby switch story was just over. Let's get this whole thing out into the open. Including the fact Nick isn't the baby's father. It won't matter at this point because he'll raise it as his own anyway, just as he's doing with Connor.

The one thing that I noticed that made me laugh was how Nick kept telling Chelsea he misses Christian every day...but not a word about Sage. It's as if she never existed. 

What did you like this week? Sorry I've been gone for a couple weeks. I'm back!! 

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