Watch Blue Bloods Online: Season 7 Episode 5

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Did Erin and Anthony's act of goodwill pan out?

That was addressed Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 5 when a leading activist faced deportation because she was not a U.S. citizen, but did she manage to stay in the country?

Meanwhile on this addictive drama series, the U.S. marshals planned a raid of a local gang, but Frank had to decide whether the NYPD would assist in the matter.

Use the video above to watch Blue Bloods online to get caught up with the latest developments on this hit drama series. 

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Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 5 Quotes

I always know that when someone says “in all due respect,” that the last thing I'm going to get from them is the respect that's due.


Eddie: Adrianna, my psychic, she told me that my soulmate has long hair, a beard, and a piercing in his left ear.
Jamie: So your soulmate's a pirate.