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Karina Garza, a community activist, is arrested during a protest for fair housing. She’s been arrested at several other protests in the past but this time she may end up being deported when her legal status is questioned. Karina has taken refuge in a church. She tells Erin that her mother, Lucinda, in Brooklyn has her birth certificate. 

Unfortunately, Lucinda admits to Erin that Karina was born in Columbia and brought her as a baby. Karina’s mother was deported and Lucinda took over as her mother. Carina has no idea. Carina also has a young daughter named Nadia who was born in the U.S.

It was Karina’s ex (Nadia’s father) who turned her in after the landlord agreed to pay him $50,000 if he could get her deported. Erin offers to help Karina with her immigration status but still plans to prosecute her for civil disobedience during the protest.

Eddie convinces Jamie to see her psychic,Adrianna but finds that the girl is only 16 years old and is missing. Eddie and Jamie check out her boyfriend, Eric, who is out on probation for aggravated assault. When they find them together, Jamie reminds 21 year old Eric that cohabiting with a minor breaks his parole. Eric dumps Adrianna who goes back home. 

Turns out Adrianna’s father used her to con a man out of $50,000. When questioned, he blames his daughter who hears exactly what he says and is upset but won’t testify against her father. 

Later, as Eddie and Jamie pass by a different psychic location, they realize that it’s Adrianna, but now she’s calling her self Leonora and is calling a different man, “Papa.” They realize that Adrianna used them to get away from her last, “Papa” and it was all a con. 

The U.S. Marshall service is planning a gang raid in the 36th precinct and the Captain isn’t happy about it but Frank dismisses his concerns until the Marshall’s service shows Frank their plans. They waited until the last minute and want the NYPD to do mop up of a major raid. Frank isn’t happy about the way they’ve handled it. 

Frank decides that the NYPD should lead the operation with the U.S Marshals but instead of the dozen arrests that were planned, the Marshals arrest over 40 people, including the brother of a young boy who was a “police deputy.” The boy gives back his “deputy badge,” saying he wants nothing more to do with the police.  

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 5 Quotes

I always know that when someone says “in all due respect,” that the last thing I'm going to get from them is the respect that's due.


Eddie: Adrianna, my psychic, she told me that my soulmate has long hair, a beard, and a piercing in his left ear.
Jamie: So your soulmate's a pirate.