Fanatic Feed: Nick Wechsler to Chicago PD, Code Black Gets Additional Episodes & More!

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Nick Wechsler will be heading to Chicago PD for a turn as a former protégé of Voight's.

Wechsler will be Kenny Rixton, who served with Voight on the gang unit.

Nick Wechsler

With Jon Seda leaving the series for a full-time gig on Chicago Justice and the loss of series regular Brian Geraghty recently, might this multi-episode arc turn into a more permanent gig?

I can't say I'd be opposed to it. How about you?

CBS ordered full seasons of their freshman comedies Man With a Plan and The Great Indoors.

Man Plan Indoors

Man With a Plan stars Matt LeBlanc as a dad who trades places with his in he's the new at-hom dad and she's the working mom. It's not original, but it's not too bad, either.

The Great Indoors stars Joel McHale as an older outdoorsy type who writes for a magazine suiting his lifestyle. Except nobody really goes outside anymore, so he's brought indoors to try to get the two worlds to meet.

It's a millennials meets the old guy play, and there are some laughs to be had.

Both comedies are paired well, as Man With a Plan airs with Kevin Can Wait and The Great Indoors airs with The Big Bang Theory, making it the number 2 new comedy of the season.

Col. Ethan Willis  - Code Black

Code Black has received the call for an additional three episodes, bringing the total episode order to 16.

There were big changes to Code Black going into the season, with the loss of two first season characters and the addition of Rob Lowe and a handful of others.

While the series is maintaining a 1.5 rating in the demo behind Criminal Minds, they couldn't have foreseen the changes coming to Criminal Minds that may have also affected the ratings of that series.

It's unclear whether the state of Criminal Minds helped secure Code Black more episodes with a 1.5 rating, but it sure didn't hurt.

Taboo Hardy

FX has also released another traier for the upcoming miniseries Taboo.

Taboo tells the tale of adventurer James Keziah Delaney, who built a shipping empire in the early 19th Century.

Based on a story by Tom and his father Edward 'Chips' Hardy, the series sees Delaney return to Britain circa 1814 (during Napoleon's second resurgence in Europe).

Following 10 years in Africa, Delaney arrives back in London to discover that his murdered father has left him a mysterious legacy.

Delaney is thusly driven to wage a personal war of vengeance on those who have done him wrong, discovers himself in conflict with the power East India Company and also playing a dangerous game between two warring nations – Britain and the newly independent United States of America.

Check out the trailer now!

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