No Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 5 Review: No Regrets

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No Tomorrow seems to be finding it's footing, slowly but surely. 

No Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 5 covered the guilt and regret that comes from poor choices in the past, at least for Xavier and Evie. Timothy and Hank, on the other hand, were dealing with relationship problems. This wasn't a common denominator for all of them, but somehow it made sense to have this play out at the same time.

True Feelings - No Tomorrow

The decrease in romance between Xavier and Eve wasn't obvious; they still spent time together, but the small shift was an interesting take. The two are still together, but Evie putting herself out there somehow made her moments with Xavier more worthwhile.

Regrets are the hardest one.


Evie's focus has wavered from over thinking her relationship with Xavier to focusing more on her list and on her job. From there she moved onto the tougher portions of her bucket list. Seeing Evie try to make amends with a friend she disappointed in the past not only shaped the way I saw her but also made it more relatable.

Fern was obviously someone we couldn't trust from the very beginning, but she had layers; she wasn't just a blast from the past with a grudge. 

She was hurt and knew that she had deserved better in a friend, something that she didn't get in high school. It was emotional watching Fern confront Evie for not even making it up to her, a reminder that this is something we've all gone through at some point.

Regrets led Xavier and Evie on their own journeys, helping them come out as better people both on their own and together as a team. But those two working together to get that baseball card back was something I need to see more of.

Their schemes have a way of working even in the most unexpected moments.

They think they're so cool just because they're so cool.


Hank meeting his girlfriend was a long time coming, and it's been great to put a face to the idea.

Of course they didn't exactly last long; breaking up in such a simple way it was kind of shocking. They realized they didn't see each other in a romantic setting and decided to stay friends during a very healthy conversation.

This was all meant to lead Hank back to Deirdre, but is it asking too much to maybe see more of his unnamed internet friend? 

There's no such thing as too many friendships, so this is my official request to see those two interacting later on. Maybe they can even bring Xavier in on it. They all don't trust the government, so that's bound to be one hell of an adventure squad. 

Deirdre and Hank getting together was everything I wanted their first real romantic scene to be and everything I didn't think would happen. Those two make no sense, but somehow that adds up into a dynamic that can never have too many scenes.

They were literally just talking about lavender post-its which turned into a great way for Hank to win Deirdre over in the end.

Lavender post-it floral arrangements and bathroom conversations are just the tip of the iceberg for those two.

They might be together now but something tells me that the risk of being in an office relationship will keep both of them on their toes, squashing the possibility of them becoming too boring now that they got together.

Practicing holding my breath in case of chemical attack.


Timothy exploring the dating world is the next venture on the list of amazing adventures that he has managed to take us on already.

Who was shocked that the girl he met at some fight club bar didn't exactly work out?

Of course, this all led to him being reunited with Evie once again, reminding us that they might have worked in another life.

There weren't enough interactions between the two to base a definite opinion on their romantic relationship, but it makes sense that Timothy was a safe choice from which Evie wanted to break away.

Timothy is trying to see what it's like without Evie, also taking a step back from that safe choice that he found in her, but it looks like he might be battling with that a little bit.

He didn't want to reject her on the app, and then when she did, he got matched up with Fern. I'm not saying that Fern is exactly like Evie, but she could be a little throwback to Evie before Xavier. 

Timothy is circling back to the same type of person. Maybe it will work this time around, or maybe he will realize that he needs to change what he's looking for. He might be flip flopping a little in between the too extreme and the too safe in his life.

Fine I'll do it, but only because it's against company policy.


Xavier came to some conclusions and finally told Evie how he felt. I don't know why I thought this secret pining for a monogamous relationship would continue for a while; those two can't say away from each other.

As I said before though, they made great progress that shouldn't be forgotten now that they are together in a more official way. 

Xavier and Evie went on their own this time around, coming back from time to time, but mostly focusing on their own issues.

This made them coming back to each other that much more important, something that I hope sticks around. The more those two learn from their own journeys, the more they have to take back to their relationship in the end.

What did you think of that quick resolution between Xavier and Evie? Are they your favorite couple or are Deirdre and Hank winning them out right now? What was your favorite and least favorite part of the episode? Let us know below!

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No Regrets Review

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No Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Regrets are the hardest one.


They think they're so cool just because they're so cool.