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Evie chooses the next thing off her list to conquer, apologizing to a friend that she abandoned in high school. They bond as if nothing happened but Evie worries that her apology wasn't actually accepted. That's proven when Fern calls Deirdre to tell her that Evie was considering accepting a job with her.

Evie thinks Fern has it out for her, and is proven right when she confronts her. She realizes that she never made it up to her old friend and she shows through actions how sorry she is.

Xavier decides to give back a baseball card that he stole from a friend and then pawned. The only issue is that it's in a museum and he has to steal it back, all while trying to tell Evie that he wants to be monogamous with her. They end up caught by a guard and Xavier has to kiss him to distract while Evie swaps the cards.

When Xavier brings the card back he finds out that a maid was fired when the family thought she stole it. He tries to track it back and apologize for his mistake, but instead finds closure on both this and on his confusing relationship status with Evie.

Xavier tells Evie how he feels and the two become monogamous again.

On the other love front, Evie and Timothy both sign up for an app that sets you up with your soulmate, only to end up matched with each other. Evie rejects him and Timothy finds another soulmate option, Fern.

Hank makes some progress with his internet girlfriend, making plans to actually meet in person. They meet but decide to just stay friends and Hank decides to make a move on Deirdre instead.

No Tomorrow
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No Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Regrets are the hardest one.


They think they're so cool just because they're so cool.