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What was going on with Caller's father?

That was a key question on NCIS: Los Angeles Season 8 Episode 9 when Caller's father was found in an NCIS patient's hospital room during a radiation poisoning case.

Did the team manage to get the truth out of him, or did they have to look to other means?

Meanwhile on this hit CBS drama series, the team discussed what they were getting up to for Thanksgiving and made plans.

Use the video above to watch NCIS: Los Angeles online to get caught up with the latest drama for the characters.

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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 8 Episode 9 Quotes

Nell: Because he's the one who took Fedor down, he claims to have a unique insight into what makes him tick.
Hanna: He threw a flash-bang at the guy. He didn't do a psych profile.
Nell: Oh, but he did. And it's 17 pages long. I think by Page 5, Granger just wanted him to get out of here.

Kensi [to Callen and Hanna]: I miss this, you guys, I really miss this.
Hanna: You'll be back in no time. Just keep at it.