Watch Younger Online: Season 3 Episode 8

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Diana was doing it for love!

But when love was no longer an option onĀ Younger Season 3 Episode 8, she dropped and walked, leaving Liza to pick up the pieces.

"I wish my face was the seat of that bike," then added to the mystery that sent Liza to the hospital.

Sprinkle a little morphine onto the picture, and suddenly Liza was talking about her piggy toes with Charles.

And with David, her soon-to-be ex-husband, she was delivering the message she really wanted to go to Charles.

Nope, everything wasn't making a lot of sense for a drugged up Liza, but she'll have to figure it all out soon enough.

To find out what, exactly, happened as a result of menial tasks, unrequited love and a morphine drip, watch Younger online by clicking above!

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Younger Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Liza: Oh! I have out of the office lunch plans today.
Diana: Liza, never interrupt my moment with your plans.

Josh: You know, this whole time, we've kind of been committing adultery.
Liza: Oh. I hope I still find you attractive now that you're not my...what's the male equivalent for mistress?
Josh: I don't know...side piece?
Liza: Ohhhh, I like that.