Bull Season 1 Episode 9 Review: Light My Fire

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Dr. Jason Bull ventured back to Kavanaugh, New Hampshire in Bull Season 1 Episode 9. The town had only 4,000 people but they may have been some of the unfriendliest in the nation, at least if your last name was Walsh or Bull. 

Bull really doesn’t seem like much of a fisherman, well except for his ugly sweaters. Any chance the show will ever ditch those? Obviously, I’m not a fan.

Going Home - Bull

Back to the fishing. It felt odd for Bull to take Benny to his father’s old cabin to go fishing, and just happened to find the place had burned to the ground. But I suppose the fishing trip was the entire reason for him being back in Kavanaugh in the first place.

Jason felt an instant kinship with Peter, mostly because they were both hated for what their father’s had done, and getting Bull to open up about his dad wasn’t easy.

Benny: You never talk about him.
Bull: That's because there are seven billion more interesting subjects on the planet.

So Jason’s father was basically a con man who took the entire town for millions on a bad real estate deal. I was actually happy to hear the man wasn’t dead, but was living in Florida. That pretty much guarantees that we’ll have dear old dad wander back into Bull’s life at some point in the future. 

But this story was really about Kavanaugh. It was one of those strange, closed off, small towns that shun outsiders and make anyone different into outcasts. Peter Walsh had been an outcast in Kavanaugh for most of his life and it had had it’s effect, as pointed out in this Bull quote

You have been an outcast so long that you don't trust an invitation to join anything, even a simple conversation.


When Benny got lost in the woods I hoped that Bull had set it up. I actually felt nervous for poor Peter, but when Jason began to get the Chief riled up, I figure this had to be Bull’s plan all along. 

Going Fishing - Bull Season 1 Episode 9

And on a side note, who goes fishing the morning that a murder trial begins? 

Are you just being prickly and difficult or are you hiding something?


No, the Chief was definitely being prickly and difficult, and bad at his job. I thought it kind of pathetic that the Fire Chief was so incompetent that he got the cause of not one, but three fires wrong. 

I appreciated the story about how gossip is like breaking open a feather pillow. Once it’s out there, there’s no getting it back. It’s a good rule for everyone to remember before they open their mouths or post something online. 

However, I was thrilled that Joyce turned out to be behind the fires. My first clue was when she mentioned how the fires had caused property values to go down, but honestly, I just disliked her from the moment she hit the screen so seeing her being taken away in cuffs was satisfying. 

In the end, watching the team hanging out by the roaring fire didn't make me want to go fishing, it only made me crave s'mores. 

S'mores - Bull Season 1 Episode 9

So did you enjoy Bull’s walk down memory lane? Do you hope to meet his father in the near future? Would you like one of those funky guitars?

Check back next week for my review of Bull Season 1 Episode 10, and if you can’t wait for more, you can watch Bull online here at TV Fanatic.

Light My Fire Review

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Bull Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Benny: You never talk about him.
Bull: That's because there are seven billion more interesting subjects on the planet.

Benny: We're not going fishing are we?
Bull: Not for fish.