Going Home - Bull
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Charles Keller is killed when someone blows up his diner. Peter Walsh, his former employee is accused of arson and murder. 

Benny and Bull go to New Hampshire to go fishing, but his father’s cabin has burned to the ground. In Bull’s hometown of Kavanaugh, New Hampshire, no one seems to like him because of his father. No one likes Peter Walsh either because of his family. Bull is convinced that he didn’t commit the crime so he takes Peter’s case. So Bull and his team float rumors that Joyce is going to help develop a huge resort that will level the town. 

The Fire Chief tries to block Bull and his team at every turn because he hated Bull’s father. His father swindled the town out of millions with a bad real estate deal and then snuck out of town with his family. 

Benny and Chunk go fishing the morning of the trial and get lost in the woods, so Bull takes over the defense. The Chief is furious when Bull shows that the fire may not have been set with the lighter fluid he claims Peter used. Bull also believes that this fire was set by the same arsonist who set two other fires in town but the Chief ruled them to be accidents. 

Bull and the team prove to the jury that gossip is what is making Peter look guilty of the crime more than evidence. In the end they find him not-guilty. 


The Fire Chief goes over the evidence in each fire. He believes that one of his firemen, Sam Keane is the arsonist, but Bull thinks he’s wrong. Turns out that Joyce MacGruder paid Sam to set the fires so that property values would go down and she could buy the real estate cheap. 

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Bull Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Benny: You never talk about him.
Bull: That's because there are seven billion more interesting subjects on the planet.

Benny: We're not going fishing are we?
Bull: Not for fish.