Watch Salem Online: Season 3 Episode 4

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What did Cotton find out?

That was a key question on Salem Season 3 Episode 4 when it became apparent that the information had the ability to ruin the lives of several people who it concerned. 

Meanwhile on this hit drama series, Mary decided to put the power of femininity to the test, but what did she find out about it?

Also, someone turned over to the Dark Lord, but who?

Use the video above to watch Salem online to get caught up on the latest drama for the characters. 

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Salem Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Essex Elder: You are right. I couldn't have demanded it if you hadn't the strength, but you do. You are you again. The strongest of us all! And not a moment too soon. They are winning, the tree is dying, and with it will die you, and us, and all our world.
Mary: Well they picked the wrong witch, and the wrong woman. I shall prove to them that truly, hell hath no fury like THIS woman scorned.

Cotton: I want nothing! I want nothing from you.
Anne: But there is nowhere for you to go.
Cotton: Boston. I will tell them the awful truth about Salem and they will raise this town!
Anne: Tell them everything?! Then they will hang you for the murder of your father.
Cotton: So let them hang me! So long as they believe, I will tell them all.