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While Cotton is escaping in the Salem woods, Anne uses her powers to send him warnings to stay. Sebastian reveals that he must tell the dark lord that Cotton is running to Boston; Cotton must be stopped so that he can't tell people of witchcraft.

Mary has survived the reckoning and she is reacting terribly to the loss of powers.

The dark lord and the Sentinel urge Anne to find Cotton. He issues a reward to anyone throughout the community who can find Cotton and bring him back alive.

Mercy uses her power to sleep with Magistrate Hathorne. She manipulates him into allowing more refugees into town for potential use and power.

Isaac gives the little girl, Dorcas, a blanket. She reveals that she was accused of witchcraft and her mother died in jail.

Cotton bumps into some old friends during his escape and he passes out in the back of their carriage. They plan to bring him to the dark lord to get the reward. The married couple are witches, but instead of immediately handing him over to the dark lord, they will hold onto him until the reward has grown in value.

The spirits and memories of Mary's past victims haunt her. Rebecca Nurse, a caregiver hanged for witchcraft (who was condemned by Mary), reminds her that she has time to repent and fix things.

Isaac visits Mary's brothel. Alice instructs him that Mercy isn't keeping them prisoners, but he is holding the manhood's of her victims in her office.

Billy is held captive after being caught stowing away in the carriage. John Alden kills the troops and saves him, keeping one of the commanders as hostage.

While the couple is arguing about what to do with Cotton, he steals a knife to break himself free. He stabs William and throws their dog familiar in the fire. The dark lord sent birds to kill Cotton, but Tituba uses a spell to save him.

The Sentinel tries to manipulate Mary into killing herself as penance. If she kills herself, she will be forgiven by God and will be free of hell. She toys with him and demands he push her. She refuses his deal.

Cotton wants to leave for Boston but Tituba warns him to stay and fight instead. She sees his future happiness with someone: his child with Anne. She offers him a choice of whether to stay or run.

The dark lord enacts his punishment against Anne for Cotton escaping. He wants payment in blood.

John Alden finds the angels' tears necklace. If the necklace is opened, it will blow up the town. The zombified Native American surprises them in the woods.

The Essex witches save Mary from the house. They offer her safety and recluse but she still wants to fight. The tree of which Mary resurrected from is dying; Mary will enact her destiny to kill the dark lord.

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Salem Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Essex Elder: You are right. I couldn't have demanded it if you hadn't the strength, but you do. You are you again. The strongest of us all! And not a moment too soon. They are winning, the tree is dying, and with it will die you, and us, and all our world.
Mary: Well they picked the wrong witch, and the wrong woman. I shall prove to them that truly, hell hath no fury like THIS woman scorned.

Cotton: I want nothing! I want nothing from you.
Anne: But there is nowhere for you to go.
Cotton: Boston. I will tell them the awful truth about Salem and they will raise this town!
Anne: Tell them everything?! Then they will hang you for the murder of your father.
Cotton: So let them hang me! So long as they believe, I will tell them all.
Anne: Cotton...no!