This Is Us: Renewed for TWO Seasons!!

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This isn't a surprise, but it certainly is lovely to hear the announcement.

This Is Us Season 2 and This Is Us Season 3 are officially picked up!!

NBC made the announcement today at the TCA Press Tour in Los Angeles. 

The Pearsons - This Is Us

Dan Fogelman's exceptional drama about the Pearson family will air for at least two more seasons on NBC, each consisting of 18 episodes.

“We all got our wish that this is a hit show,” said Jennifer Salke, President, NBC Entertainment, in a statement.

“This Is Us is as good as anything we’ve ever had, we’re thrilled to renew it for two seasons and there’s no doubt it will have a long life on NBC."

"On behalf of everyone at NBC, we’re grateful for the artistry of the cast, crew, and producers assembled by our gifted creator, Dan Fogelman."

"In a world where there are literally hundreds of television dramas, we’re proud to have one of the very best that is also one of the highest-rated.”

This Is Us had a successful beginning with its interesting premise: all of these characters share the same birthday.

With no other information to go on, and with a very hot trailer featuring star Milo Ventimiglia sporting his birthday suit and a Pittsburgh Steelers' Terrible Towel, the initial trailer for the show garners a whopping 127 million views going viral almost instantly.

Milo TT

Starring Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore, Emmy-winner Sterling K. Brown, Chrissy Metz and Justin Hartley, the series was a hit straight away.

It came at a time when people were craving something different: hope. 

Hope came by the way of a time-jumping family drama filled with unexpected reveals that tugged at the heartstrings, but not for cheap, emotional thrills. 

Instead, the diverse family offers something that virtually everyone, eventually, can understand and in which they can recognize a small part of themselves.

There aren't any murders or guns blazing. There aren't kidnappings or people under sheets waiting to be revealed. There are everyday problems with with everyday answers awaiting.

If you're listening to messages Fogelman and company are sharing, you can find something good to take away from each and every hour to better your life away from the TV set.

TV Time - This Is Us

People have been aching for this type of drama again, in a world of darkness and crime. 

And as such, the breakout hit of the season has been rewarded. Currently the number two network drama, behind only Fox's Empire, another family drama that has had a bit of a head start on This Is Us.

This Is Us has averaged 14.6 million viewers and a 4.6 rating among adults 18-49. Yes, this has been something we've craved.

You can read our latest review of This Is Us Season 1 Episode 12 to see how this family has come into being, and watch This Is Us online for more to the Pearson family story.

It's not one you want to miss, and now you know they're here to stay.

Not Just Fat - This Is Us Season 1 Episode 2

If you've been watching all along, you know there is so much more story to mine. There are characters who have been mentioned only briefly who are already a part of this extended family.

The will be a part of the story in due course. And what's exciting is to imagine in what ways the writing team of This Is Us will manage to make us realize how significant they've been to the tale all along, although we've only met them the first time in Season 2.

Yes, This Is Us is that good, and I have that much faith in what is to become of this freshman drama. 

What do you hope to see as the series continues? Thoughts on this two-season renewal?

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Miguel: When I think of your mom and me, I think of the phrase 'written in the stars'. I used to love that expression, the way it meant that the universe had plans for two people. That was your mom and dad, but it wasn't like that for her and me. It was strange. And I was filled with doubt on our wedding day and on a lot of days after that. But as the years went by, I realized that was okay. Some love stories are written in the stars and other love stories are written together: two people the universe had no plans for writing their story in the stars together.

Mom is really sick, Kate. I can't believe this is real, that this is happening. It feels like the world should stop for Mom, you know? And it infuriates me that this is happening to us and the world is going on, people are living like nothing's going on.