This Is Us Season 4 Trailer: We're Getting a Lot of New Faces to Love!

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This Is Us returns on September 24.

And it's returning in a big way with an extended episode!

I know, I know. The excitement is through the roof!

Once you get a look at the first trailer for the new season, you're going to go nuts.

The trailer is a very simple premise.

This Is Us Season 4 Taps Jennifer Morrison for Key Role

Rebecca (Mandy Moore) is talking with Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) in a car.

She's talking about how one chance meeting with a complete stranger can change everything.

The assumption is that it was her chance meeting with Jack that's up for discussion.

After all, their meeting made the most profound impact any could as it results in their marriage, three children and many grandchildren.

But the rest of the trailer details all of the new encounters that will be impacting their lives and those of their entire family.

And you guys, there are a lot of new cast members!

If you watched the Netflix series When They See Us you'll recognize two of the faces.

Asante Blackk and Marsha Stephanie Blake appear in a scene in which they may be mother and son.

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Omar Epps is also joining the cast and appears to be associated with the same family.

There is an appearance by M. Night Shyamalan (yes, of the amazing movies), and Julian Silva (Queen of the South).

Timothy Omundson who TV Fanatics have loved on Psych, Supernatural, and from many other series is also on board.

Another TV Fanatic favorite is Nick Weschler, and he appears to share a story with the most significant addition to Season 4 -- Once Upon a Time's Jennifer Morrison.

Morrison is the official addition we have been waiting to see, and she's playing a woman in the military who was obviously stationed overseas.

The speculation has been that she could be Kevin's (Justin Hartley) future wife and/or the mother of his children.

Weschler could be Morrison's father, as an earlier scene shows a very ripped Morrison seated at a desk that has a photo of a man and his daughter -- it looks very much like Weschler.

I'm just spitballing here because the other notable message from the trailer is that if we thinks we know what's coming next, then we don't know US.

This Is Us Scores Three-Season Renewal at NBC

It's a super clever message, and we cannot wait to see what This Is Us Season 4 has in store.

And if you're worried about the cast you've grown to love already, they're all there, too.

There are very quick snippets of all of the Pearsons on every level from Ron Cephas Jones to Griffin Dunne to Phylicia Rashad.

There is even a shot of Kate (Chrissy Metz) with her baby and a grinning Randall (Sterling K. Brown).

Take a look now, and comment away!

To catch up, you can watch This Is Us online right here via TV Fanatic.

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Rebecca: Do you have a dream? Sorry is that a stupid question?
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