Watch Chicago Med Online: Season 2 Episode 11

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Was April doing too much?

That was questioned on Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 11 when Tate felt she was being called in to work too much and needed to take some time for herself.

Meanwhile on this hit drama series, Dr. Rhodes was told that he would be performing surgery on a mystery patient, but who was it?

Also, Charles passed along some vital information to the staff. 

Use the video above to watch Chicago Med online to get caught up with the latest developments for the workers of the hospital. 

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Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

What's the troll still doing here? Doesn't he have a bridge somewhere to go home to?

Dr. Wheeler

Connor: I'm not a veterinarian.
Ethan: She needs a cardio-thoracic surgeon.
Sharon: You've done this procedure many times.
Connor: Well, yeah, I have, on human beings.
Ethan: Same plumbing, just bigger. Crack her chest and plug the hole.
Connor: I can't just crack her chest, she'll lose too much blood, and what am I suppose to transfuse with? Do we have panda in the blood bank?