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What were the consequences of Nick's pact?

That was addressed on Grimm Season 6 Episode 2 when it became clear that his truce was going to cause a whole lot of drama for his loved ones. 

Meanwhile on this supernatural drama series, Diana demonstrated her power while in the care of Monroe and Rosalee. 

Also, Eve and Trubel done some digging to figure out the history of the cloth found with the healing stick. 

Use the video above to watch Grimm online to get caught up on the latest drama for the characters. 

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Grimm Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

Renard: You really think this is going to go anywhere?
Hank: *We* take *our* jobs seriously, Captain.

Trubel [they're surrounded by SWAT]: Let’s take ‘em on.
Monroe: Rosalee’s pregnant!
Rosalee: Monroe!
Monroe: Sorry.
Trubel: Whoah, you’re pregnant?
Bud: Right now?! Oh, my God, that’s wonderful!