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Just as Captain Renard is about to order the SERT team to move in on Bud's refrigerator repair shop and capture Team Grimm, Hank and Wu show up and arrest Renard for the murder of Rachel Wood.

The SERT team then moves in on the shop, only to be knocked unconscious by the Magic Stick. Team Grimm makes their escape and try to figure out what to do next.

Eve wants to learn more about the power of the Magic Stick, especially since it seems to be having a negative effect on Nick. She takes the Magic Stick's cloth to the spice shop in an effort to decipher the marking she sees.

Renard contacts Adalind to ask for her help in getting off for the murder of Rachel Wood, as he has no alibi (since he as murdering Bonaparte at the time). Adalind refuses to help him.

Nick proposes a deal with Renard: Adalind gives Renard an alibi, and Renard clears Nick of all charges.

Unfortunately, Renard double-crosses Team Grimm, having already put his own plan in motion, and gets away with everything.

Meanwhile, Diana helps Team Grimm learn more about the markings on the cloth, as she can easily see the markings.

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Grimm Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

Renard: You really think this is going to go anywhere?
Hank: *We* take *our* jobs seriously, Captain.

Trubel [they're surrounded by SWAT]: Let’s take ‘em on.
Monroe: Rosalee’s pregnant!
Rosalee: Monroe!
Monroe: Sorry.
Trubel: Whoah, you’re pregnant?
Bud: Right now?! Oh, my God, that’s wonderful!