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Did everyone manage to remember Stiles?

That was their plan on Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 9 when it became clear that in order for everyone to move on, they would need to remember their friend. 

Liam and Theo realized that they would need to act as decoys for the Wild Hunt in order to give the others a chance to remember their friend, but did either of them get caught?

Use the video above to watch Teen Wolf online to get caught up with the latest developments on the final season. 

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Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

Noah: If I let you out and I see any behavior that I find remotely suspicious, I'll put so many bullets in your head, God won't even recognize you.
Theo: I'm an atheist. Fire at will.

Theo: If we're the only ones left in Beacon Hills, then we need each other, which means you need me out of this cell.
Liam: We need to trust you.
Theo: And you need to get realistic because trust is not important right now. It is us against them, and you want a lot more of us considering how many of them there are.