Supernatural Round Table: The Return of the Colt!

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A prince of hell? The return of the Colt?

Supernatural Season 12 Episode 12 was a stylish hour that took a case of the week and spun in some lore as well.

So was this an episode that TV Fanatic staff writers Sean McKenna and Christine Laskodi andEdit The Winchester Family Business’ Alice and Nightsky all loved?

Join in the Supernatural Round Table to find out and to talk all about “Stuck in the Middle (With You).”

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite scene or quote?

Christine: It's so hard to choose just one! I loved that first diner scene. I actually hoped for some payoff with Cas and Mandy as a tag. He had just cheated death, that calls for some action, I'd say!

I also loved that burning circle standoff with the Winchesters - they were just bad-ass mofos there.

Dean's little bit about family got me all emotional.

But man, oh man, when that Mark Pellegrino Lucifer reveal happened, I must admit it - I pumped my fist in the air and audibly cheered.

Alice: I’m with Christine, so many to choose from.

I still love that diner scene both before and after the teaser.

The five of them at the table, the rapid fire dialogue, the waitress flirting with Castiel, Dean encouraging the flirting, Wally encouraging the flirting, Castiel smelling the waitress to see if she smelled like food, Sam worrying about the wifi and Mary commanding everyone to pay attention, all while the camera moves around the table 360. 

It was an attention getter. It set the tone for the episode to come and sent the clear message this would not be an ordinary Supernatural paint by numbers affair. It wasn’t. 

Castiel has a story to tell - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 12

Nightsky: Isn’t it wonderful that we all have so many favorites!

I thought Misha did a wonderful job professing his love for Castiel’s “family." That tear in his eye was so rare for our stoic little angel. I was very moved by that scene and his death scene.

The best moment of the episode, though, was the last shot of Lucifer’s red eyes. When I heard Pellegrino’s voice, I started yelling “It’s him! He’s back!”

It was a wonderful revelation that, at least for me, punctuated the entire episode.

Sean: I have to agree. There was so much to like about this episode.

I have to admit I liked that Lucifer reveal, though it probably had a lot to do with it being Pellegrino.

But I also really liked the fight with the Ramiel. There was some real creep factor surrounding his character, and it was great to see the team work together to take him down.

Sam, Dean and Castiel take a ride - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 12

Did you like the style of the episode?

Christine: It worked really well in this instance. I loved every little Quentin Tarantino touch.

The time bouncing was really effective for revealing all of Mary's business, and Crowley's role in the whole debacle. The music and title cards were totally on point.

It felt very cinematic and grand - which is really stunning, considering that this is basically a monster of the week episode. Richard Speight Jr. did an incredible job here.

That said, I hope they never do another one like this. It's something they could never replicate.

Alice: Very much so! I’m a big fan on Quentin Tarantino’s work, and I know trying to do his style of filmmaking is very tricky and complex. 

Everyone pulled it off beautifully, not to mention it took a lot of guts.

I’m thrilled Richard Speight Jr. got such a fun one to film. The way a lot of those scenes were shot, you could tell everyone was having a blast doing this episode. 

Well, maybe not Misha. It can’t be fun holding onto all that sticky fake blood and puking up black gunk.

What’s for lunch? - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 12

Nightsky: I didn’t care for the time jumps nor the ping-pong bounces between serious drama and silly music until the very end, when it all made sense. Then I understood the creative license that had been used.

Suddenly the episode went from a jumble to an original, bold hour of storytelling. Now I’m in awe each time I watch it.

Sean: Yes, definitely yes. It totally worked here and added such a fresh and engaging dynamic for the episode. Major props.

What did you think of the prince of hell?

Christine: He was so OG Supernatural creepy! Was it the eyes? The whistling? I can't pinpoint it to one thing. He just FELT sinister.

And don't think I missed that little tidbit that he dropped about his "sister" demon being invested in Lucifer's baby. I'm hoping she proves to be just as creepy.

This tiny part of me wishes he had been around longer, but I'm also very satisfied with his appearance.

Alice: He was great and exactly what I expected from a very powerful demon.  Cocky, arrogant, diabolical, creepy, he hated angels, but I love how disinterested he was with the whole Hell thing. 

It’s like he knew what a bureaucratic mess it is and happily passed it onto Crowley. 

I guess it shows that even demons dream of a life of seclusion and fishing all the time. They aren’t so different after all. 

Under the lights - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 12

Nightsky: Very convincing. He had the same commanding presence as Cain.

I think he kicked off this new plotline in a way that has me excited about its potential.

Sean: Such a great villain. He did feel like old school Supernatural.

I was disappointed he was taken out in one episode, but he was fantastic for the hour.

What does the Colt's return mean for the show and where the story might be headed?

Christine: Well, the Winchesters are going to face cosmic consequences (eventually), and they just happen to get back the Colt - that's got to tie together, right?

I mean, I'm taking a leap of faith here in assuming that Mary is going to give it to them. But the line about there only being five things that the Colt can't kill felt deliberate.

Maybe the cosmic consequences are one of those five things? Yeah. That's where I'm resting my theories at the moment.

Mary wakes up - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 12

Alice: I’m not sure. Part of me wonders if it was just there for Mary to steal and now that the British Men of Letters have it we won’t see it again.

I mean, what do they really need it for? 

But then I think, the colt popping up at the same time as another yellow eyed demon and with Mary being resurrected this season, it all seems to be coming back full circle to Supernatural Season 1. 

Does this mean we’ll be digging into Sam’s demon blood and his powers, too?  Please?? 

Sorry, I’ve strayed. I have no freaking idea.

Looking out the window in the rain - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 12

Nightsky: The plot thickens! Why do the British Men of Letters want the Colt so badly? I’ve formed two theories about this.

The one I think is most likely is that the guy at the top of their organization is actually a supernatural being who is trying to get all the magical weapons that might defeat him out of the hands of hunters.

Further, I think the guy at the top might be Asmodeus, the other Prince of Hell, and that the British Men of Letters is the “hobby” that occupies Asmodeus’ time.

I think Sam and Dean will have to get back the Colt to kill another YED and bring down the entire rotten organization. How’s that for a theory!?

Sean: I’m fascinated by its return.

The connection to the yellow eyed demon seems deliberate, too, and I’m just hoping the payoff is worth it all. Though, Nightsky's theory is pretty cool.

Castiel gets a date - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 12

Are you surprised Mary is still going to work with the British Men of Letters?

Christine: Yes, and also no. I'm surprised she chose to work with them to begin with. I'm more shocked that she didn't give it up when she was face to face with the demon asking who stole from him.

Cas was dying, Sam and Dean's lives were at stake, and she said NOTHING.

That's the little deception that makes me unsurprised by her continuing to work with the British Men of Letters.

Is it bad that I'm super suspicious of Mary? Anyone else have that feeling?

Alice: No. Her conversation with Wally explained why she is working with them. 

She’s been saving a lot of people. She’s been getting good intel from them until now. 

No, she doesn’t trust them, but honestly I’m not sure she even trusts Sam and Dean at this point. She can only trust herself. Remember, she lied to John all those years about being a hunter and making the deal with Azazel.

A new partner? - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 12

She’s lying to Sam and Dean now because she thinks the less they know the better. She’s protecting them, or at least she thinks she’s protecting them. Killing monsters is one way of protecting her boys from the life. 

But she’s also wary and feels guilty, and I think one more mistake by the BMOL is all she can take before she comes clean. 

Of course, by that time it’ll be too late.

Mary wakes up - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 12

Nightsky: No, for all the reasons Alice explains. I’m terribly disappointed that Mary didn’t tell Sam and Dean, though. I realize they wouldn’t be happy with her and would try to stop her, but we finally have the brothers talking to each other and now mom is keeping secrets.

It reminds me a great deal of when Sam felt the benefits of working with Ruby outweighed the risks. Ruby herself wasn’t all that bad. It was the demon she worked for that had them all fooled.

I think the British Men of Letters will put Mary in the same situation.

Sean: I guess not when it comes to the story, but I just figured she would have told them to screw off after nearly getting her kids killed.

There’s something more going on, some bigger play that I’m looking forward to being revealed.

Sean McKenna was a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. He retired in May of 2017. Follow him on Twitter.

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