The Bachelor Season 21 Episode 7 Review: 2107

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All of the women are "falling" for Nick, but Nick is falling for the free vacations paid for by ABC.

The Bachelor Season 21 Episode 7 brought the remaining ladies to the Bahamas, but before they could leave, Nick had to have a quick therapy session with Chris Harrison.

Nick Seeks Advice - The Bachelor

The women are shocked that Nick sent home so many women during The Bachelor Season 21 Episode 6, and America is shocked to find out Rachel cares because ABC spoiled their own show by announcing her as The Bachelorette early.

Enter Chris Harrison, who is more of a therapist than a host at this point. He could even teach Taylor (the mental health counselor... TBT) a thing or two.

Nick tells him he is almost ready to quit, and I'm still confused why no one quit the show the first night when they realized Nick still wears a livestrong bracelet. 

He comes back (shocker!) to reassure his sister wives that even though he is nervous, he is still here to find love. The women react like they don't remember he is under contract.

He also cancels the cocktail party and rose ceremony and tells them they are headed to Bimini. Everyone pretends that they know where that is, and everyone at home watching looks it up. (Spoiler alert: it's in the Bahamas).

To Bimini and beyond!


Vanessa gets the first one-on-one on the island, and Corinne is pissed because she hasn't gotten a one-on-one date yet.

Now I'm getting frustrated. And I'm really bloated.


Corinne tells Rachel that she doesn't think Vanessa has anything to "open up about" and she doesn't have any "depth."

And you know nothing says depth like taking multiple naps a day and shooting whipped cream into your mouth.

Corinne nervous

Vanessa and Nick have a successful date, which isn't saying much considering she threw up on their last one-on-one. However, you can tell our leading man is falling for this special needs teacher, even if she doesn't impress Corinne.

She even tells Nick that she is "falling in love with him," and she is upset that he doesn't say it back to her. It's clear after #ILoveYouGate on Ben Higgins' season, the Bachelors are banned from saying the L-word.

Ashlee Simpson L-O-V-E

Nick wants to feel like he's "saying 'i love you' for the first time," which is ironic since we have seen him say it multiple times on our TV screens.

I've never dated multiple women before.


On the group date, Raven, Corinne and Kristina join Nick on a boat. Nick helps Kristina put on sunscreen, and Corinne is not happy. She is clearly channeling her inner Stassi from Vanderpump Rules season 1 (and in his situation Kristina is Scheana, Nick is Jax and they are on the gay pride float).

That inner thigh... we don't want that sunburnt.


Nick tells them they are going to swim with sharks, and everyone is nervous besides Raven. She is ruthless and needs a ticket to Bachelor in Paradise to swim with more sharks ASAP.

If the other girls get eaten today, I would definitely be in the running to get the rose. Who else would he give the rose to?


It doesn't seem right to do this date without Alexis aka shark/dolphin girl.

Kristina is scared and gets out of the water, and Nick comforts her. Corinne is jealous, but no one should have to hug someone in a bathing suit that short and that floral. 

Corinne is also nervous that she isn't going to get a hometown date and be able to introduce Nick to her nanny Raquel. For once, we can all agree with her. #TeamRaquel

I'm just eating cheese... I'm eating my feelings.


I've also never felt so connected to Corinne than when she was stress eating cheese. Every time you get angry at her, she pulls you back in and all of the sudden you want to share a cheese plate with her at happy hour.

Then she talks about herself in the third person and you want to punch her again.

Meanwhile, Raven gets the group date rose, and as a punishment reward gets to dance with Nick at a random concert. 

Danielle M. gets the second one-on-one date, and she tells Nick she is falling for him. He thinks her "face is pretty great," but can't even look at her when she expresses her feelings.

They're just two kids from Wisconsin with zero chemistry and no future together.

Speaking of Danielle's future, she says she has never felt excited about her future or ready to take on the world with someone, which is awkward considering she was engaged before.

Danielle M

Nick sends Danielle home and she is devastated, but no one who looks that good in a romper should have to worry about her future or find love on The Bachelor.

Meanwhile, Corinne claims she would sleep in a hut with "no jewels" for Nick. I'm sure she only means if there is room for Raquel and an endless supply of cheese pasta and cucumber slices. 

She heads to Nick's hotel room to make sure that she gets a hometown date and joins him for a night cap.

Corinne and Nick's hotel room

Corinne and Nick go to his bedroom and shut the door, but he stops her when she tries to "dive into bed."

My heart is gold, but my vagina is platinum.


She is humiliated, but Nick explains that he already made this mistake (sleeping with someone before the fantasy suite) before. I guess Nick has learned something from his time on The Bachelor, and I'm more shocked about that than I would have been if he did sleep with her.

Rachel gets the final one-on-one date in Bimini, and Nick asks her all about her parents. She tells him that she has never brought home a white guy, and that he should probably call her dad "sir."

Suddenly, I'm very excited to meet her dad (who is a federal judge) and confused about how he let her go on this show.

Instead of having a rose ceremony, Nick goes and finds Kristina. He sends her home, and she is shocked.

I understand that all of the women think that they have a special connection with The Bachelor, but do they understand math? Everyone can't get a rose every time.

Nick can't stop crying, and he is getting dangerously close to being the most emotional Bachelor. I wonder if Jason Mesnick is watching at home angry that Nick is going for his record.

Nick in the Bahamas

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Now I'm getting frustrated. And I'm really bloated.


To Bimini and beyond!