This Is Us Season 1 Episode 14 Review: I Call Marriage

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Nobody said relationships were going to be easy, and everyone in the Pearson family, past and present, was struggling to find a balance between self and being a part of a whole.

Of course, the intricacies of life are what the show does best, and This Is Us Season 1 Episode 14 was no exception. 

Some of the most profound thoughts came from Miguel, who until now has been standing on the sidelines. With one short conversation, it became easier to understand why Rebecca would find a life with him after Jack.

Wedding Photos - This Is Us Season 1 Episode 14

We never got to know Miguel and Shelly all that well, but they were friends with Jack and Rebecca long before the latter were married. It's no wonder their divorce would have an impact on Jabecca.

Jack: No. You don't do that to your family. You find your soul mate, you get married, you stay together until you die. Period.
Rebecca: It's not always that simple.
Jack: It is to me.
Rebecca: Not everyone's you.

That Rebecca wasn't as moved as Jack was what really hit him. Marriage was simple to Jack. You don't marry unless it's your soul mate, and you work your arse off to keep the marriage intact.

At least it was simple until he actually spoke with Miguel. Miguel's analysis of a dying marriage was brutal in its simplicity.

If you've been doing something for your spouse for years and one day you forget, neither party notices, you never care to pick up the habit again and slowly realize you don't even care to make your partner happy any longer – can you ever get the magic back?

If you've already gotten beyond the point of caring, it's most likely too late. Life is filled with those moments, and if you don't grab and fight while there's still a spark left to ignite the fire, the embers die, and it's all over.

That's what happens when people drift apart. There isn't an effort on either person's part to hurt the other, but there isn't an effort to the contrary, either.

Look At You - This Is Us Season 1 Episode 14

With Kate in her teens when Jack and Rebecca renewed their vows in the bathroom and Miguel fresh off of divorce, it seems Rebecca and Miguel won't have long before they're comforting each other.

And I can't help but wonder if Jack and Miguel were together when Jack died and Miguel couldn't save his friend, or if Miguel was the catalyst in some other way. Theories are abundant about Jack's death, and they're all painful.

Only a connection to Miguel, though, gives Kevin a reason to hold onto his grudge against the man seemingly so loved by everyone else.

Body Language - This Is Us Season 1 Episode 14

We learned even Sophie loves Miguel and has a pet name from him. From Sophie we learned a lot. 

Kevin, where we left off is with you cheating on me and ruining our marriage.


They thought their love could survive a 3000 mile separation when Kevin followed his dreams to Los Angeles. Her's might have, but his could not. At least not the sexual side.

Kevin still remembers every detail of their life together and knows destroying their love was the biggest mistake he ever made, but even creating a fake Facebook profile and friending her wasn't enough to soothe his broken heart over the years.

Yet they appear to be on the right track again thanks to his sincerity and lava fries. 

I don't know that I could turn down another run with those fries at the helm, either. They looked glorious, almost delicious enough to look away from Kevin and his puppy dog eyes awaiting an answer about his future with Sophie.

Even 12 years and a lot of mistakes later, their embers had not gone out.

Show Business! - This Is Us Season 1 Episode 14

The fire may already be dying for Kate and Toby.

Kate has found her weight loss groove. Has she even missed Toby? I'm not so sure.

I was skeptical of her leaving Toby alone in New York City after a major operation, but as loud as he can be, the guy doesn't stand up for himself until the situation gets dire.

Or he does something he thinks will be accepted as lovely by Kate, and things take a disastrous turn.

Toby's appearance at fat camp didn't go well at all. Not only wasn't she happy to see him, but it was obvious he was throwing a nail into her tire, you know?

If he had gone to see her before she had her big breakthrough with the drumsticks, Toby would have been in the money. Hey, that's where he had the most fun. It's also where Kate told him he wasn't wanted.

Toby: I could get used to this.
Kate: No you couldn't, because you are not supposed to be here.
Toby: Whoa. What's up?
Kate: I take this place seriously and you were acting like a total ass.

That discussion did a lot to add to the already large pile of evidence that proved while Kate may take camp seriously, these two do not take each other seriously. 

Toby didn't like being alone in New York. He felt as if he was going to have a heart attack at any moment, and he was alone in a city with nobody he knew. Kate left him right after a major life moment and barely looked back.

Kate got so engrossed in her stuff that she must have forgotten about what Toby was going through. Or maybe she forgot to care. While Toby was having a moment in which he was grasping and fighting for them, she was having one where she was fighting for herself.

Not all grand life moments happen on the same schedule.

Duke: You want to know what I finally figured out, Kate?
Kate: What?
Duke: It's a helluva lot easier to accept who you are, in all your damaged glory, than to try to be someone you're not. It's sure a hell of a lot more fun, too.

Duke, also, had a point. What battle is Kate fighting? Is she fighting for herself or to appease others?

Ironically, despite her overwhelming need to talk about the need to "lose the weight" all the time, when we were first introduced to her, she seemed like a happier person.

That doesn't make sense in the overall scheme of things.

Is she really going to go to Cabin 13 and see Duke? Will she tell him to frak off and leave her alone, ask his advice or engage in something else entirely?

Trying to lose weight isn't the best time to add new stress to your life. Weight loss, a wedding, a cross country move, and an affair on top of two major operations might be cutting it too close.

Just ask Randall.

End of Life Planning - This Is Us Season 1 Episode 14

Randall is really losing it. Beth sees it, but even though he can't steady himself, she still called marriage.

Marriage should be his top priority, but she needs to cut him some slack, too.

Does any kid really need four people cheering (you can't cheer in a chess tournament, right?) them on during a chess tournament? William, Annie and Beth would have been plenty of coverage on that front.

Considering how Jack tried to break his neck getting to both Randall's and Kevin's football games when they played, it's amazing Randall was willing to miss any event for work.

He does like walking in his father's footsteps, after all.

And now he's suffering watching another father die while trying to keep his job and keep his family happy. What's the shaking hand? A nervous breakdown?

From one moment to the next, Randall's being struck with things he doesn't want to think about, but he has no choice. 

Randall: There's nothing to grieve, Beth, the man's alive.
Beth: Randall, neither of us was prepared when our father died. I want our babies to be ready. They deserve that.
Randall: Will you please stop saying things like died or passing or end of life?

William is dying. But you can bet Randall would prefer to put that off until he's certain about his job and that his girls can withstand the pain of bringing a dying man into the family.

Death doesn't work that way. So Randall's body will betray him and break down for him.

We only have four more hours to go on This Is Us Season 1. What tales will be told in such a short time frame? I'm dying to know, but want to stretch it out as long as possible, too.

Who do you expect to be happy as the season finale rolls to a close? What cliffhangers will keep us on our toes?

For one of the greatest dramas on television, you sure are a quiet bunch. Won't you drop me a line?

If you're behind, you can watch This Is Us online right here. 

I Call Marriage Review

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This Is Us Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Kevin, where we left off is with you cheating on me and ruining our marriage.


Jack: No. You don't do that to your family. You find your soul mate, you get married, you stay together until you die. Period.
Rebecca: It's not always that simple.
Jack: It is to me.
Rebecca: Not everyone's you.