Watch Bates Motel Online: Season 5 Episode 1

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Who doesn't want Norman Bates dead?

Of all the people who truly know him, that seems like the best question to be asking of Bates Motel Season 5 Episode 1.

But Norman is more interested in discovering who might want him dead. He can be a little dense.

Norman is holding his life together and living happily with Mother in a "Dark Paradise."

What, exactly, has he concocted to get himself through the days?

It's rather surprising and altogether worrisome if you're at all interested in the other people living in White Pine Bay.

Mother isn't Norma, though, and her loss is felt. 

You need to catch up with the Bates family when you watch Bates Motel online.

With this being the final season of the series, it's going full on Psycho, and it's one you don't want to miss!

Click above to get started!

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Bates Motel Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Norman: Oh mother, what is wrong with you?
Mother: What is wrong with me? Oh. Let me see. Ahhhh. Well, for starters, I am dead. And why am I pretending to be dead? So I can get away from everyone and anyone who can distract me from YOU, OK?
Norman: I know that, and I appreciate it.
Mother: You appreciate it? You appreciate it like I baked you a coffee cake or something? I spend 24/7 in this house lookin' after you, feeding you, bolstering your moods, doing your laundry. I can't leave. I'm going nuts here. I literally gave up my life to protect you. To give you a life without trouble. And we're doin' it, right? We're doin' it. I mean, a mentally ill boy and a dead woman. We're actually doin' it. We have customers, we have a life.
Norman: I know, and I appreciate it.

What dream am I in Mother?