Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 12 Review: Murder Most Foul

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Is anyone else screaming right now?

Not the happy, jumping up and down with excitement screaming we anticipated when David gave Killian his permission to marry Emma on Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 12.

More like the 'are you kidding me right now?!' screaming that comes with an unexpected twist we would be more than happy to pretend never happened. 

Who said watching a show centered on fairy tale characters would be fun?!

Killian's happy - Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 12

"Murder Most Foul" lived up to its name.

After we watched David belittling Killian for being a pirate, pushing him to betray Emma, and finally coming around to realize he's a pretty amazing guy, the other shoe dropped.

Because, of course, Captain Hook is the real person responsible for David's father's death. Why wouldn't he be? Happiness is not allowed in Storybrooke for more than four or five seconds at a time.

The place was literally created by a curse.

Bromance Stroll - Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 12

I'm all for obstacles preventing characters from being happy. It's the point of TV.

We want to watch our favorite characters go through the ringer week after week. It's what keeps us rooting for them. Sooner or later they're going to win a battle, and we're going to celebrate.

But it's frustrating when the characters keep bouncing off the same brick walls, especially when we've seen them scale those walls more than once. 

Like David constantly telling Killian he's nothing more than a pirate.

Novice magicians  - Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 12

That argument held up three seasons ago when they were just getting to know one another. But Killian's been fighting the good fight ever since, and more often than not, he and David have done it side by side.

Killian lives with his daughter! He's part of the family toast! David went to the underworld to help Emma save him from Hades!

These are not things the audience forgets. We've watched their bromance develop. We've seen David trust Killian time after time after time.

Are we really supposed to believe the sleep deprivation transported David's mind back three years to the land of pirate insults?

David: He fought with everything he had. He did the right thing. And it wasn't enough. What if Gideon comes back stronger and kills Emma? What if I can't be with Snow ever again? What if being Prince Charming isn't enough? And I start losing and it keeps going and I lose everything that matters to me?
Killian: All right. I'll step aside. You can kill this man if you think it'll make you feel stronger. But think about your father. He wanted to look you in the eye. Do you want to be able to look back?

As frustrating as retreading the same ground is, it did make for some lovely moments between the two men.

Killian does understand vengeance better than anyone. He was the right person to talk David down. And in doing so, David was able to admit his fears. He's worried being Prince Charming won't be enough to protect his family.

And that's the kind of emotion that pulls me right back into the story. We all know what it's like to feel like we're not good enough. That no matter what we do, it won't be sufficient in the end. 

Killian was the perfect person for David to open up to because he's strong enough to handle it. He knew exactly what to say to get through to David.

Pause for a kiss - Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 12

As for Killian lying to Emma, I'm not too bothered by it. 

We all lie to people we love for the right reasons. Yes, she'd want to her know what her father was doing. But David asked Killian for his silence, and Killian gave it to him. Because they're friends. Because they're going to be family.

Besides, Killian told her the partial truth. There's no question her near death experience made him want to marry her even faster. And he is old-fashioned enough to want to make things right with David first.

Too bad there's that whole murdering his father hurdle in the way now.

Killian: David, may I have your blessing to ask for Emma's hand in marriage?
David: Of course. Of course you have my blessing.
Killian: That's a relief.
David: It's up to Emma, of course. But, yes. You have my blessing. I didn't realize you were so old-fashioned.
Killian: Well, I am over 200 years old, mate.

Look, we know Captain Hook was a ruthless pirate. We are aware he killed and stole and spent way too much time fantasizing about revenge. 

But he's grown past that. He proves that again and again. So why are we careening down this road where he now realizes he murdered Emma's grandfather?

It feels like unnecessary angst just like David reverting to thinking of him as just a pirate. It's tired. Find a new path to make things difficult for our heroes to get to their happy endings.

Worried Regina - Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 12

Speaking of former villains who can't catch a break, things did not go well for Regina and the new Robin.

Not a huge surprise because we knew there would be differences between this Robin, and the one Regina knew and loved. But did his differences have to include a bad attitude, and a preference for murder?

Although, I'm not too mad about those traits. Like Regina, I wanted new Robin to just step right into old Robin's shoes so they could have their happy ending.

It can't be, nor should it be, that easy.

Ready for battle? - Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 12

Instead, we jumped into a new mystery after Robin's kiss failed to spark Regina.

She wondered why he'd managed to come through the portal if he didn't belong there as he swiped a heart from her vault. Whose heart? Why does he want it? Did he know it would be there?

I have so many questions! I'm curious to see where this story is going. I'm also wondering if this version of Robin can be redeemed.

Because I still want to see Regina get her happy ending with Robin.

Robin: [points to the wall in Regina's vault] What's in these?
Regina: Hearts. The hearts of my enemies.

It's supposed to be difficult, right? True love, soul mates, making up for the past--any way you slice it, the characters need to work toward redemption, and happily ever after.

So maybe Regina can guide Robin. Maybe she can help him get past whatever's making him want to mess with someone's heart. And maybe then the two will fall in love for real.

And it won't be Regina just wishing he was her Robin. It will be Regina realizing that she can love another version of Robin.

Or, he'll turn out to be a creep, and he'll end up dead, too.

Now, it's your turn. Tell us what you thought of "Murder Most Foul." Was Killian killing Robert too much? Should David be over the pirate thing by now? What's Robin doing?

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Murder Most Foul Review

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Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 12 Quotes

Regina: You're up.
Robin: Hard to sleep when that demon box keeps screaming at me [gestures to buzzing clock].
Regina: Oh. That's called an alarm clock.

Regina: You weren't there. He was miserable in his world. He wanted a fresh start and I'm just trying to help him.
Snow: But you don't know who he is! Looking like Robin Hood doesn't make him the same person. Trust me. I once kissed David's twin. World of difference.