Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 10 Review: By the Light of Dawn

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Thank you to the Soul Sword. It helped reveal some lingering secrets within the group. And it was shocking!

On Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 10, it's time for the winter finale. This means plenty of romance, death, and lots of twists. (SO. MANY. TWISTS.)

Pickup The Phone - Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 10

"By the Light of Dawn" delivered on plenty of promises and questions left up in the air all season long.

Our main characters (and supporting characters) converged on the Institute for a night of battles and bloodshed. All the storylines have led to this moment of finding the Soul Sword and stopping Valentine. It was the high tension-filled climax we've all been waiting to see.

And it capped off the first run of a new direction that Season 2A was looking to go. Shadowhunters is darker, grittier and more character focused. It became clear after the sacrifices our favorite characters were willing to make.

Is Clary the Key - Shadowhunters

I loved that Jace was willing to make the selfless move by taking the Soul Sword. Up until the end, it could've killed him. It's a true sacrifice that made a big difference to others.

For most of the season, I've been a tad hard on Jace. He's played the victim a few times and his personality shifts threw me off. His progression was hard to follow.

By pulling the sword, it showed his true heart. He would gladly give up his life to save everyone. This is a defining moment that won me over.

Jace: I can destroy the Soul Sword.
Magnus: And destroy yourself in the process.

Was anyone else not surprised to learn Jace is not Clary's brother? Only a tiny bit for me.

Book fans were already aware of this twist, so it may not be a shock. However, as the TV show is different, I kept the possibilities open. You never know if they might change the story.

The love triangle is the biggest reason why I figured Jace wouldn't be related. The character still has feelings for Clary and he's going to fight for her. The moment at the end where he saw Clary and Simon in the sun broke my heart.

He's bound to tell her the truth someday. That will no doubt throw a wrench in the relationship.

In Your Mind - Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 10

The paternity reveal, however, felt a little lackluster. This moment was too quick. I expected a bigger reveal.

Valentine threw out the revelation like it was a game.

Jace found out: (1) He doesn't have demon blood, (2) Valentine isn't his dad, (3) Jocelyn isn't his mom, and (4) Clary isn't his sister. That's a lot to drop and take in. Jace was too calm at this news.

When he pulled out the Soul Sword and it didn't get destroyed, I was shocked. I didn't expect for him to have angel blood. However, this confused me a bit.

So, does this mean Valentine experimented on Jace's mother with angel blood? There had to be a way for him to have the blood.

Vampire Surrounded - Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 10

Speaking of blood, is it officially over between Raphael and Isabelle? She looked to be done with him.

There's no way Isabelle could forgive him. He hid her phone during an emergency! Raphael could've put someone's life at risk, especially Alec. This was a selfish move on his part.

Though, once both are clean, I am curious to see them together. Was it real feelings or only toxin addiction? I hope we find out.

Isabelle: You're alive.
Raphael: I sped out just in time.
[He reaches for her]
Raphael: I've come to gather what's left of my clan and see if you needed anything?
Isabelle: No.
Raphael: Isabelle, please. I can explain.
Isabelle: No, you can't. I don't want anything from you ever again.
[Isabelle leaves]

My heart melted when Malec shared their biggest moment as a couple so far. Saying "I love you" is such a huge milestone. And furthermore, they meant it to each other.

Alec's character development has come a long way since the first season.

He's overcome his initial fear of being in a relationship with a man/warlock to now being worried about Magnus. It's great to see this romance take its time instead of rushing into things right away. (*Cough* Simon and Clary *cough*)

Alec: Look, I guess on every mission I've ever been on I've never felt that type of fear. Ever. And going through I thought you were dead, I was terrified.
Magnus: So was I...
Alec: I guess I...I love you.
Magnus: I love you too.
[They kiss]

I'm happy to see Maia side with the heroes.

Even with the bad decisions, she has a good heart. She's only doing things to save herself and others, like her pack.

Though, having Luke's pack, including Maia, openly question him about his motivation showed the inner struggles of the werewolves. He's chosen Clary above others, and he always will. Luke will side with the closest thing he has to a daughter.

After the blunder with the Soul Sword, this could put his leadership into question. The deaths aren't his fault, but they happened on his watch.

Dot In Distress - Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 10

Why do you think Simon is able to walk into the light?

I have a feeling this has to do with feeding on Jace. He was never able to do this before, but the only change is Jace's angel blood. He had it right before standing in the light.

Kudos to the special effects time for the work on Simon's near-death scene. The slice wound and blood added texture to the attack. This out-of-nowhere twist heightened the drama when the blood (and there was lots of it!) started to appear.

Clary: Oh my God! Simon, are you okay?
Valentine: Simon's fine. We've just been having a nice talk. You know he told me your greatest wish was to get to know your old man. Which is fine because it's always been my wish to get to know my daughter. And so, I'm here and waiting for you. And frankly, I've been losing my patience.
[Slices Simon's throat]
Valentine: Vampires have 40 minutes before he turns to dust. Come quickly, Clarissa. He needs blood to survive.
[Hangs up video call]

Madzie is a fierce little fighter. She was able to take down all those Shadowhunters with her special ability. There is no doubt she'll be dangerous in the future.

The scene when Magnus told her Iris wasn't in the Institute was a sad moment. She looked shy and particularly sad to not be with her grandmother. I liked that it was Magnus who made the connection with her. He did the same role with Simon, and now with Madzie.

The Great Unknown - Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 10

Were you surprised that the Soul Sword was activated? I am. I thought they would stop it.

The Downworlders failed and many of them are dead; the same with some Shadowhunters. I loved seeing the different factions of the Downworlders coming together to stop Valetine. If only their first plan worked...

Someone has the Soul Sword now and they could do dangerous things with it. And with Shadowhunters heading into it's spring hiatus, I'm left waiting to find out who is hiding under the cloak. (Is it summer yet?)

Valentine: You are my greatest achievement, Jace.
Jace: I'm not your achievement, I'm your son!
Valentine: No, you are not my son. I'm not your father, Jocelyn is not your mother, Clary...Clary is not your sister.
Jace: More lies.
Valentine: I wish. The truth sword, remember?
[They fight]

What did you think of "By the Light of Dawn"? Is this the end of Valentine? Will Jace admit the truth (and his feelings) to Clary? Who is the mysterious figure that stole the Soul Sword?

If you missed the latest episode of Shadowhunters, you can watch Shadowhunters online via TV Fanatic. Come back here and let us know what you think.

By the Light of Dawn Review

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Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Jace: I can destroy the Soul Sword.
Magnus: And destroy yourself in the process.

Alec: Look, I guess on every mission I've ever been on I've never felt that type of fear. Ever. And going through I thought you were dead, I was terrified.
Magnus: So was I...
Alec: I guess I...I love you.
Magnus: I love you too.
[They kiss]