The Blacklist Redemption Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Operation Davenport

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Is Tom safe?

On The Blacklist: Redemption Season 1 Episode 4 Scottie becomes suspicious of Tom and sends Solomon to investigate. How soon before she finds out he's working with Howard.

Looking Back - The Blacklist Season 1 Episode 4 - The Blacklist: Redemption

Why Solomon stopped following Tom when he got in that cab and called Scottie instead is beyond me. You'd think he'd have followed Tom all the way to Howard's place, then called Scottie.

Why stop in the middle of a surveillance gig?

Obviously, Tom is doing something he doesn't want anyone to know about.  

Of course, Solomon might still be able to find the yellow cab Tom got into, but what are the chances of that?

Do the Job - The Blacklist: Redemption Season 1 Episode 4

How long before Tom figures out Howard is off his rocker? 

On The Blacklist: Redemption Season 1 Episode 3, he was convinced Scottie was a Russian operative, now he's onto something completely different. Something called Whitehall.

Maybe, they're connected. Who knows. But it's getting frustrating that Tom is continuing to blindly follow this guy and take everything he says as truth.

You'd think after spending so much time with Reddington that he'd be a little more cautious with his trust.

I can't believe he hasn't called Liz yet to get her take on things. Maybe because deep down he knows he's being played but doesn't want to admit it. Maybe he's just living in lala land. Why is he being so dumb?

If I was Liz, I'd be pretty pissed at Tom right now. How long has he been gone? 

Scottie trusting Tom to give him information about Whitehall isn't going to be happening soon. Not when she's sending Solomon after him. 

I don't get why she's all of a sudden become suspicious of him. Because he goes out and doesn't tell her every little detail?

She needs to forget about Tom and start focusing on Trevor and Cat. What the hell is that all about? And how gross is it that Cat would be interested in one of Scottie's playthings?

Cat is playing with fire. The only explanation is that Scottie is putting Cat up to it just to see if she can trust Trevor, but Scottie knows what Trevor is and isn't. 

So that doesn't seem like a plausible reason for Cat to be doing what she's doing. Unless she's working for someone else and she's using Trevor (or Dan) to find out what secrets Scottie divulges to him.

That seems more likely. Maybe she's working for Howard. That would make sense that he would use any resource he could to find out about his new Whitehall obsession. 

Going back to Howard for a minute, I'm surprised Tom is okay with that investigator guy knowing who he is. The more people who know, the more dangerous it becomes, right?

Scottie got to the guy once, how does Tom, or Howard for that matter, know Scottie won't push him again. What if she finds out he's not being truthful? If she gets suspicious that he's not telling the truth, she might put Solomon on him and that'll spell doom for Tom.

If was Tom, I would've gone ballistic seeing that guy there and would've left. But, like I said before, Tom is in some sort of haze. He's not thinking clearly.

The case of the week had to do with a bunch of guys breaking out of a black site in Manhattan. The most dangerous one being a hacker who was just trying to clear his name.

Who knew that the internet is controlled by seven people who have special security keys. Sorry, I didn't get any of it. Maybe because I was too bored with the story.

Making a Bomb? - The Blacklist: Redemption Season 1 Episode 4

The best part of it all was the "fight" between Solomon and Tom in the apartment. We need more Tom and Solomon. Why does is he only involved in first half of jobs?

It's not that I don't like Nez. I love her, but why can't the three of them work the job? It's always Tom and Solomon in the beginning and Nez and Tom to finish it off.

Dumont got out of the office which was nice, but it was a little too convenient. Why would his brother call this guy who just escaped from a black site prison? How did he even know the hacker got out?

It just didn't make any sense. But there was a lot of that going on this hour which I thought was the weakest of the series so far.

So what did you guys think? Did you like this installment?  How soon do you think it will be before Scottie finds out about Tom?

What will happen to Cat and Trevor? Has Nez really relapsed? Hit the comments below and share your thoughts.

Hit the comments below and share your thoughts.

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Operation Davenport Review

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The Blacklist: Redemption Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Solomon: What? You call the police 'cause you saw a black man in your apartment?
Tom: Hey. Whoa. That is not accurate.
Solomon: Go ahead lock me up right here, right now. What's the maximum sentence for fixing a racist man's sink?

Tom: So in addition to your charming personality, you're also an enemy combatant.
Solomon: Whoa. Wrong place, wrong time.
Tom: Whatever you got to tell yourself.