Watch Time After Time Online: Season 1 Episode 1

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Was Jack the Ripper caught?

That was addressed on Time After Time Season 1 Episode 1 when a young H.G. Wells traveled in a time machine he created to capture the elusive murderer. 

On his travels, he came across someone named Vanessa Anders, who could be his great-granddaughter. 

Did this mean her burgeoning relationship with Jack the Ripper was going to end in her murder?

Use the video above to watch Time After Time online to get up to speed with all the crazy developments on this new ABC drama. 

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Time After Time Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Mankind hasn't changed in two hundred years. We're animals. We hunt. We're hunted. It's the way it has been and always will be


In five generations, utopia will have come to pass. That's where I belong.

H.G. Wells