Scandal Round Table: Most Shocking Death Yet?!?

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Liz is dead!

On Scandal Season 6 Episode 11, Elizabeth North was given her marching orders with a golf club. Yes, we're still not quite over that.

Below, TV Fanatics Jasmine Blu, Christine Hinton, Sarah Hearon and Jim Garner discuss the big death, Olitz reuniting and Mellie's next move. 

Scandal Round Table 1-27-15

Liz is dead. React!

Jasmine: Ding-dong, the witch, is gone! Somewhere around the time of Liz and David's less than appealing sexy times  (and them screwing over Susan), I was 100% done with Liz North.

Portia de Rossi is great, but with every scene, I wondered if the generous Ellen DeGeneres could do anything to save us from her wife's terrible character. 

R.I.P., Liz. You overstayed your welcome, but you went out the same way you came in: being opportunistic and conniving.

Christine: Eh. I liked the actress, and I didn’t mind Liz in the midst of the politics, but I hated it when she was paired with David. What I hated most was the way she was killed. Scandal just loves to go overboard with their gruesome bludgeonings, and it makes me want to change the channel. 

Sarah: I'm with Jasmine, good riddance Liz! I was Team Susan from the beginning of that love affair, and this season she hasn't really done much. I won't miss her, and I love a good excuse for a plot twist death.

Jim: I'm with Jasmine too. I was sooo team Susan and to watch David do some of the ridiculous things he did in the name of "sexy fun time" just made me roll my eyes.

It seemed like they didn't know what to do with Liz anymore anyway and with Portia de Rossi moving on to other projects, it's all good for the show. 

Are you glad about Fitz and Olivia joining forces to take down Peus?

Jasmine: I actually am. My feelings on their romantic relationship fluctuated like the weather, but I have always enjoyed when they come together as partners and friends with a specific goal in mind. 

Christine: I just don’t know how they’re going to do it, but I’m glad they’ll be working together. And it can’t be just Peus and the evil blonde. Who else is on their team and how far does this conspiracy reach? Will anyone ever be safe?

Sarah: Yes! I'm ready to see them join forces again and be on the same team. I'm sure their romantic relationship will end badly (again), but I'm interested to see how they take down Peus.

Jim: I'm really looking forward to everyone working on taking down Peus. I am even a little glad to see Liv and Fitz together, given he actually did something she didn't think of. 

The Truth about Peus - Scandal

What will Cyrus do next after losing out on being POTUS?

Jasmine: Somehow they'll bring him into the fold so that he can help them take down Peus. They'll want "attack dog" Cyrus on their team, but they'll have to adjust to a subdued, defeated Cyrus, who genuinely appears to want to be a good person and live up to Frankie's standards.

Also, hopefully, he'll make amends with Michael. 

Christine: I don’t know. This is a new version of Cyrus. I hope that he, Mellie, Fitz, Olivia, and Jake all work together to take down Peus because that could be fun to watch. 

Sarah: I also think he will eventually join the team to take down Peus. I wouldn't be super shocked if he ended up helping Mellie with her presidency down the road either.

Jim: I somehow suspect he will end up the chief of staff again in the long run.  

Scandal 6x11

Discuss Mellie calling out Mystery Woman and Peus

Jasmine: Bless her heart, she tried. I'll give her an A for effort. It has been interesting to watch these badass,  strong characters be forced into submission. It's very humbling for them. Mellie caved a lot faster than I thought she would. 

Christine: Well, when someone bashes in your co-worker's skull and threatens to kill your children, the conversation is pretty much over unless you’re carrying a firearm and can kill them where they stand. Unfortunately, that wasn’t an option for Mellie.

Sarah: I'm not totally sure what else Mellie could have done, but I thought that breakdown scene after Liz was murdered was great.

Jim: I loved that she called them out. But as Christine pointed out, when someone bashes your co-workers head in on your carpet and calmly walks out, that is a level of insanity we just aren't ready to deal with.

I would have liked to see her call for security, that might have been an interesting twist... but calling Liv and Jake was the correct choice.  


What do you expect to happen with Mellie/Peus in power?

Jasmine: I imagine it would be something ripped right out of a post-apocalyptic novel. What is that Peus wants and why did it require them using Mellie?

Why couldn't they do whatever they planned to do with Frankie and/or Cyrus in office? Peus reminds a complete and utter mystery, and I can't even speculate. 

Christine: Yes, that’s the big question. Why Mellie? They seem to be able to manipulate almost anyone. Frankie had a family to threaten, so why is Mellie the better puppet?

Sarah: I also don't really understand why Mellie is the better puppet or what Peus really wants. I know they want access to all of the power, but I can't imagine what they are going to do with it. 

Jim: I have no idea. As we have no idea of what Peus really wants, it's hard to say what they want to do. I have to imagine it won't be anything good. 

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Scandal Season 6 Episode 11 Quotes

Mellie: What are the options?
Olivia: Senator, there are no options.

Fitz: Liv, come here. Come here.
Olivia: I wanted this. I needed this.
Fitz: You deserve this.
Olivia: Goodnight, Fitz.
Fitz: Night, Liv.