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Olivia tells Mellie to let go of the Presidency, but she decides to work with Liz to get what she wants. Mellie realizes Liz is working with PEUS and decides to get out of the situation. 

Samantha brutally murders Liz, before making Mellie promise to go forward with the Presidency. 

Olivia tried to get to Cyrus and let him know everything was going to be alright, but he did not want to hear anything from her. He watched the news to find out Michael was on air and trashing his character. 

Vargas' wife defended Cyrus and implied he would make a good President. 

Angela revealed to Fitz that she would be arresting Olivia, so Fitz had her fired. Olivia said she would go down and let Mellie go down with her so PEUS could not help. 

In the end, Fitz saved Rowan and Olivia, before kissing Olivia. 

Mellie was revealed to be the President, while Fitz and Olivia vowed to join forces to take the new villains down before causing too much trouble. 

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Scandal Season 6 Episode 11 Quotes

Mellie: What are the options?
Olivia: Senator, there are no options.

Fitz: Liv, come here. Come here.
Olivia: I wanted this. I needed this.
Fitz: You deserve this.
Olivia: Goodnight, Fitz.
Fitz: Night, Liv.