The Arrangement Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Control

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The center of Kyle's world is obviously not Megan.

On The Arrangement Season 1 Episode 6, Kyle does the unthinkable after he learns the Institute is in a bit of trouble.

Kyle needs an intervention to get him out of the messed-up world that is the Institute of the Higher Mind.

Masarati!! - The Arrangement Season 1 Episode 6

I don't know what kind of dirt Terence has on Kyle, but it has to be pretty juicy in order for Kyle to have done what he did with the detective.

The detective herself is a stain on human life. How can you be so into a celebrity that you'd be willing to risk your career and your reputation just for a two-hour sex session with your idol?

It's disgusting. 

Kyle Gets Funky - The Arrangement Season 1 Episode 6

But the bigger issue is how could Kyle do what he did? It has nothing to do with Megan or his alleged love for her. It has to do with his self-worth. He obviously has none.

And that's the saddest and scariest thing about this whole situation.

I'm guessing that the dirt Terence has on Kyle has to do with his childhood and somehow involves his father. But I'm also going to guess that it's not as bad as Kyle seems to think it is.

What is going on here is that Terence has mind-frakked Kyle, and it's been going on for some time.

We don't know how long Kyle has been involved with the IHM, but I bet Terence intercepted Kyle at a bad point early in his life and that's when the manipulation began.

Terence - The Arrangement Season 1 Episode 6

Kyle really believes that Terence is the one who made him who he is today. There's a certain loyalty you feel to people who have helped pave the way to your success. 

But being indebted to them and doing nasty stuff for them are two different things.

Sure, Kyle was a bit offended at the idea and tried to wiggle his way out, but then his best friend, advisor, and confidant pretty much blackmailed him.

Does his celebrity mean that much to him or is he more afraid of the secrets Terence holds?

It's a tough call for Kyle, but if it were me I'd swallow my pride and tell Terence to frak off and deal with the aftermath.

Nothing is worth doing what Kyle did. It also makes you wonder what other things Kyle has had to do for Terence to protect the IHM.

And we know whatever those things might be, Terence has a record of them because that's the kind of nasty man he is.

Still, I wouldn't have done it. Kyle could have turned it around on Terence and the IHM. He could expose the organization's secrets.

People know there's something funky with the IHM, and a big star like Kyle exposing the darkness would be huge.

But Kyle can't do it alone. 

If Megan wasn't so self-absorbed, then maybe she would do something to move her boyfriend closer to her and away from Terence and the IHM.

She knows at least a little of what is going on there that her radar should be screaming red alert signals.

But Megan is living in another world. She may think she loves Kyle, but the only thing she loves is the lifestyle. She's kidding herself if she believes she truly loves Kyle.

She doesn't. We know it. Nate knows it. And pretty soon Kyle is going to know it.

But even if she doesn't really love him, as a friend she needs to open her eyes and help Kyle escape from the madness.

What do you think her reaction will be if she ever finds out about the detective and Kyle?

Megan's Play - The Arrangement Season 1 Episode 6

Will she think that Kyle was cheating on her, or will she be able to move past the sex and see what it really was about?

I feel bad for Kyle. I really do. He has no idea what he's doing and why. And there's no one out there who is going to save him. 

Unless Lisbeth comes to the rescue and tells Megan to snap out of it.

But I don't see that happening. Lisbeth is going to stay away, and if she did go to Megan, I doubt Megan would listen to her because she'd only see Lisbeth as a threat.

If Kyle goes back to Lisbeth, Megan loses everything.

But this isn't about Megan. Or Lisbeth. This is about Kyle and who's going to save him.

Elsewhere in Kyle's weird world, Deann is getting it on with Anika. It's an odd relationship, and I'm not understanding the purpose of it other than maybe it'll mess Terence up at some point. In which case I say go Anika and Deann!

Anything that will destroy Terence is okay in my book.

Kyle Roller Skates - The Arrangement Season 1 Episode 6

Could Deann be the one who helps Kyle in the end? What would she say if she knew what happened? Or will Anika be the one who blows the lid off everything?

Something's up with that girl.

What did you think of "Control"? Is Megan conflicted about her feelings for Nate? Does she really love Kyle or just the lifestyle? Has Kyle gone too far protecting the Institute? 

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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Control Review

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