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Kyle gets a pair of roller skates in the mail. With Megan there he gets a call from Llisbeth but doesn't answer.

Kyle is at the Institute with Terence. She's going to appear on a radio show. Terence isn't happy, but Kyle tells him he told her thanks and that was it.

Megan is practicing for her play. Her agent is there and thinks she's sleeping with Nate. The agent gives information about Lisbeth being broke and having meltdowns on set.

Deann and Anika have sex in the car before Anika goes a little crazy. Deann kicks her out of the car.

Megan is watching Lisbeth on the show where she is spilling deets about her relationship with Kyle. She tells the guy Kyle is the love of her life.

Kyle tells Megan he's not completely over Lisbeth yet.

Deann and Kyle are somewhere pitching a movie.

Terence watches a class when the detective shows up.  She tells him they found a body they think is Sophia's. 

Nate unloads on Megan about how he cares about her. He wants her to leave Kyle. She gives him a ride home, but he wants her to go to the desert with him. Someone crashes into her in the back and drives away.

Megan tells Kyle about the crash and wants to know if Terence is following her.

Kyle confronts Terence about having Megan followed. Terence talks to the guy who killed Sophia.

Lisbeth visits Kyle and tells him she loves him. They talk about their relationship, then she kisses him. He tells her it's too late. She advises him that if she cares about Megan and wants that relationship to work he needs to stay as far away from Terence as possible.

The guy who killed Sophia is talking to Terence in the car. His name is Conor who tells the story of how he came to kill her. Terence encourages him to tell the police to keep the heat off the IHM. Then the guy kills himself in the car.

Kyle is on the talk show and gives the host a gift of an AWOL onesie. The host wants to talk about Lisbeth and how she wants him back. He talks about Megan. Deann and Megan are watching behind the scenes. 

Gwen brings up Kyle's former roller skating skills. They skate together, then Kyle shows off his skills. In the booth, Megan is getting texts from Nate about the night before.

Kyle tells Megan about the security detail that was following her. He wants her to only think about the play.

Kyle bought Megan a Mazzerati convertible when Nate shows up. He's not happy.

The detective is at a restaurant with Terence. She's going to keep digging because she thinks there's something deeper going on. She's not backing down. He offers her money, but she wants something else.

Terence visits Kyle and tells him that in order for the stuff on IHM to go away he has to have a two-hour sex fest with the detective. Kyle is not into it and denies it. Terence pushes. Kyle pushes back, but he has no choice.

Megan calls Kyle and gushes about how much she loves him, but is it real? Or is it because he gave her a car? He doesn't tell her anything about the detective.

Deann is meeting with someone about Kyle's movie, The Resistance. Apparently the deal fell through. Deann visits Anika so they can have sex.

Terence has the hotel room where Kyle will be with the detective wired up. Kyle meets up with the detective.

Megan is getting ready backstage at the play.  

The detective and Kyle are finished with their session and she leaves. Terence is watching the whole thing. He's really bothered by what he had to make Kyle do.

Deann and Terence talk. She thinks his distance has to be with Conor's suicide.

Kyle attends Megan's play. he's all teary-eyed.




The Arrangement
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The Arrangement Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

If I have to talk politics with another Uber driver, I'm going to kill myself.


I know what a liability my past is, but I can't pretend it doesn't exist anymore.