The Fosters Season 4 Episode 20 Review: Until Tomorrow

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Someone, please get me an inhaler! I'm having difficulty breathing. 

The Fosters has a deliciously bad habit of giving a person heart palpitations every week. It's stressful, OK? It's a really stressful show to watch. 

The Fosters Season 4 Episode 20 was no exception. In fact, you'll probably find me hugging my knees, rocking back and forth, and trying to process the season finale. 

There's a lot to process. 

Ramping Up Their Investigation - The Fosters

Callie, bless her heart, has been catching it this season. She has been making some truly awful decisions. Since she's already the poster-child for bad decision making that really has to be saying something. 

No decision has been quite as bad as the one she made by the end of the night. Callie pretended to be Tina and took off with Diamond and Diamond's pimp. That was the worst decision in existence. What even is this show?

Stef and Mike were fighting like hell to clean up Callie's last crappy decision. That one was a long-shot. Callie was looking at actual jail time after the whole debacle with Troy's car accident.

After reviewing the video footage of her breaking into someone's home, if she took a plea deal she would be looking at three years. She didn't even know how to process that.

The fosters 13c20b

On one hand, I felt so bad for her when she dashed out of the room and had a teary meltdown in the hallway. On the other hand, what did she expect? No way she can continue making the choices she does without them catching up to her. 

Stef and Mike pulled all the stops investigating the murder case again, hoping to find something in the twelfth hour to keep Callie out of jail. Kudos to Stef who was also working on the case with Diamond's pimp.

But Mike was the real MVP on the investigation front. I might even say he's the MVP of the hour. Say what you will about Mike, but the guy always comes through in the clutch and has his family's back. 

I think what made Mike's dogged attempts at clearing Callie's name special was the fact that they have had a tense relationship. 

Seeing as you two broke up she's less interested in protecting you.


In some ways, it meant so much more than Stef doing it herself. 

So who was the real killer? Well, Troy, of course! 

Gotta love Mike's interrogation skills because he hit Troy with the fact that he's been carrying this guilt for years. The guy has to be tired, right? 

He was; he confessed to it all after being led to believe that his alibi (his ex-girlfriend) and a witness (that curb painter who stalked Callie) were turning him in. He finally admitted that he accidentally killed his grandmother. 

The fosters 420b

That meant Callie had reason to fear Troy when she fled the scene of the accident. Look, I don't know if that would be enough in the real world. She'd still probably face something, but it could be enough here to keep Callie out of prison.

In the end, that's all we really care about, right? We want to see Callie graduate, go to art school, and raise hell there.

Mike: He confessed
Stef: What? Who did?
Mike: Troy Johnson.

Stef, of course, was ecstatic to hear the news. She wanted to share it with Callie. But where was Callie? Oh, you know, just in a funky van with Diamond, Russell, and Russell's GUN! This girl, I swear...

I had a glimmer of hope that she would be rescued by Stef because Callie was smart enough to know that her mother could track her phone. BUT THEN RUSSELL HANDED OFF THE BAG WITH HER PHONE!

Bloody hell, this girl cannot catch a break for anything in the world. So there she is, in a motel room, pretending to be Tina, watching Russell smack Diamond around. I think the danger kicked in at that point because Callie was damn near despondent she was so paralyzed with fear. 

Russell: Is that right, are you a good girl?
Callie: Yes.
Russell: Call me daddy.
Callie: Yes, daddy.

Our last image of Callie is her sitting on a bed, singing for Russell, in a voice so small she sounded like a child. She had to have been having flashbacks to when she was sexually assaulted. That was the first thing that popped into my head.

My heart ached for her. Callie makes THE WORST decisions, but she's still lovable Callie. She's still the girl who walks with her brother on the beach and has long overdue, meaningful conversations. She's still the girl who has jam sessions with Brandon. 

The fosters 13x20a

For the love of God, Stef, please get to her in time! We'll have to wait until next season to see!

On to characters who are kind of the worst; let's talk about Mariana. 

I love her, I do. I'm just exhausted with her constantly revealing secrets and stirring up trouble. It doesn't matter if she intends to or not, anymore. It keeps happening. Her intentions don't mean crap if the results are the same. 

Jesus pieced together that Emma was pregnant and had an abortion. He also figured out that Mariana was the one posting about it. Her little secret Twitter account spread all over school. 

Why would you do that to your best friend? Even if she didn't expect it to blow up the way that it did, the risk was always there. Now the whole school was trying to figure out which member of their class was the one who had an abortion. Why would you subject anyone to that type of shame?

So that's your big solution...hope no one seen it? Some friend you are.


Emma, understandably, blew up at Mariana about it. But this is Mariana, she can't just take the hit. When Mariana is under attack, you bet your ass she's going to bring everybody down with her. 

So, after Jesus confronted her about it, of course, shew as going to throw Brandon under the bus. It truly sucked that she knew Jesus was mad, and instead of just accepting her part in it (which was huge) she instead chose to shift the blame to Brandon. 

For once, Brandon did nothing wrong.

Jesus was spinning and spiraling over this news, and finding out that Brandon knew the truth didn't help his issue with being jealous. He immediately accused Brandon of being the father. 

The fosters 420

Ugh, it's so messy. I felt for Jesus, I did, but I hated the fact that he had this huge confrontation with both Emma and Brandon amongst all of their classmates. We don't know if anyone was paying attention or not, but still. 

Mariana wasn't through exposing people for what they are because she also took to confronting Nicks' father at the board meeting. 

The Anchor Beach arc was abruptly dropped into the mix. I'm not a fan of how it was just tossed in there, randomly, out of nowhere when so much other stuff was going on. That being said, I am invested. 

Drew is a jackass and should not be anywhere near a school. In what universe is it acceptable to be in cahoots with the father of the student who roamed the halls terrorizing people with a gun? 

The fosters 4x20

Why is Craig Stratos doing this? Does he just want to stick it to Lena? Is it some weird, rich white male thing he has going on where he wants to make the school available to the elite? I guffawed when he had the audacity to blame Mariana for his son attempting to shoot up a school. 

Really, Craig? You have no part in that at all, huh?  

I don't even know how the parents of students can go along with this. Switching the school from the charter school that it is to a private school jeopardizes too many kids. 

The whole purpose of the school was to give kids of all types the quality education that they deserve. Now, the board has passed it (how?) so that the school can be a private school. A private school means that tuition will have to be paid. 

Education is a right, not just for the rich and white!

Crowd [chanting]

Anyone who wants to attend will have to fork over $30,000 a year. With money like that, they may as well be in college. Craig is too much of a jackass to provide scholarship opportunities, which means the school will only be available to kids from wealthy families. 

I had so many feelings about this. So many. At the risk of my getting into a socio-economical, political rant, I'll just leave it at that. I'm with the kids, though. 

Those adults have no idea what they've just gotten themselves into because well-informed youth are the most vocal, passionate groups out there, and the kids were outside chanting and raising all kinds of hell. 

The fosters 4x20b

Rock on, kiddies. Rock on. 

That was definitely an emotional season finale. I expect nothing less from The Fosters. 

So, what did you think of "Until Tomorrow"? On a scale of 'meh" to "curled up on the floor in the fetal position" how afraid are you for Callie? Will Jesus ever forgive Emma, Brandon, and Mariana? Hit up the comments below, and let us know what you think!

If you don't mind raising your blood pressure or feeling all the feels, you can watch The Fosters online right here via TV Fanatic!

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