Scandal Round Table: Is Olivia Evil?!?

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Olivia Pope may not be the woman she once was, and now looks like she's on a treacherous pathway to evil town. 

On Scandal Season 6 Episode 15 and Scandal Season 6 Episode 16, Olivia brought B-613 back and made a shocking decision to have Luna Vargas killed. 

TV Fanatics Christine Hinton, Jasmine Blu and Jim Garner, discuss Olivia's state of mind, Luna being the villain and that B-613 twist. 

Scandal Round Table 1-27-15

Do you think Olivia is too far gone?

Christine: Yes! The fact that she can giddily raise her hand while asking who has been involved with murdering a Vice President, and then forcing the mother of two young children to commit suicide if that’s not too far then I don’t know what is.

At one time I think Liv had a moral compass, but I think it's been irreparably broken. 

Jasmine: Oh, definitely. I can't lie, I laughed out loud at that Vice President bit. White Hat Olivia is long gone. She doesn't even fight it or pretend to hold on to whatever morality she had.

She has fully embraced the darkness in her. In a way, that makes her so much more interesting.

Jim: First thing I said to my wife when the episode was over was "They should have Shonda Rhimes write Anakin's fall to the dark side because if it had been written like THIS was, the movie would have been HUGE." -- Olivia has only gone too far if you think she's wearing a white hat still.

Otherwise, she's right where she should be. 

A Big Risk - Scandal

Was it a convoluted mess to have Luna as a villain?

Christine: It was a great twist in that I never saw it coming, but I never saw it coming because it was so implausible. Did Luna Vargas really okay her own husband’s assassination because she wanted to push through his agenda? That’s a hell of a stretch, but on Scandal, anything is possible. 

Jasmine: I didn't expect it at all. It didn't make any sense to me either. Yeah, it was a twist, but it was an odd one. It was a total head-scratcher. 

Jim: It seemed a little "convenient" to find out and resolve in the space of two hours. I will say it being "planted" by Cyrus at least gave it a little more credibility. 

How do you feel about B-613 making a comeback?

Christine: I’m torn. I grew tired of B-613 and all of the torture and mayhem, but the torture and mayhem didn’t really stop once they were disbanded. Talk about things coming full circle. All Olivia wanted was an end to B-613, and now she’s going to be running it. That white hat is long gone. 

Jasmine: It just doesn't go away does it? They weren't kidding when they said it grows another head. This time that head is Olivia. This is an interesting turn of events that I'm 100% game for. I love that Olivia has spent all this time trying to disband B-613 and fight her father, and she basically ended up becoming him.

Jim: Next season is going to be interesting for sure. Olivia trying to both run the white house and B-613 is going to keep her busy. The bigger question for me is, how are they going to staff B-613? It seems like most of the original members are dead or working for OPA. is B-613 just going to be her and Jake?  

React to that big Olitz kiss in front of the cameras. 

Christine: I had one reaction…why? Why make the big scene in front of the cameras? I suppose Olivia was trying to prove something about her feelings for Fitz, but I just didn’t think an over the top public display of affection was the way to do it. 

Jasmine: Yeah, I'm with Christine. Why? Followed by whatever. 

Jim: Same here, I just didn't get the big kiss in front of the cameras. Did she already out herself as his mistress at some point? I just didn't get it.  

How long will it be before Huck admits to Quinn he loves her?

Christine: I hope he never does. I really like Quinn and Charlie together, and I’m rooting for them even more now that they’re going to be parents. They might end up being like the Adams Family, but they’ll still be a family, and I look forward to seeing it. 

Jasmine: I don't want him too either. I love CharliQuinn. Plus, now they're going to be the most twisted, scary, badass parents around. I think Huck cares about Quinn enough to not want to ruin that. In an odd way, I think Huck will still kind of be part of their family anyway. 

Jim: I'm hoping that Huck manages to find his only adorable little criminal to love, that is not trying to use him (or kill him). I think the love Huck has for Quinn at this point is less romantic and more devotional love, very similar to what he feels for Olivia.  

Huck Wants the Truth - Scandal Season 6 Episode 14

Are you happy Abby is back to being a gladiator?

Christine: Yes. I’ve missed her, and I like her and Quinn working together. OPA could use a little more girl power now that Olivia has moved on. 

Jasmine: I guess so. I got used to Abby not being there, and I loved the dynamic between Quinn, Huck, and Charlie. I suppose you can never have too much girl power, and it'll even things out.

Jim: I'm glad she is coming back, her and Quinn's new dynamic should make for some really fun moments next season.  

Abby Calling the Shots - Scandal Season 6 Episode 8

Grade Scandal Season 6. 

Christine: I’ll give it a B. I both liked and hated that the roles changed between Rowan and Olivia over the course of the season, but the whole conspiracy with Peus and Ponytail grew old fast. I was hoping to see more of Cyrus and Mellie working together, but it looks like we might get more of that next season. 

Jasmine: Yeah, B sounds about right. I enjoyed this season a lot more than the previous season. It had a tighter narrative and a lot of the things that made Scandal great in the earlier days. I actually loved Quinn which is new for me because I wasn't a huge fan or hers before.

I also got tired of Peus and Ponytail. Their takedown didn't feel as climatic as it should have and it felt like it happened too easily at the end. I missed Cyrus too.

Jim: I will also give the season a B. For the same reasons Christine and Jasmine listed. The show was tighter overall, but some of the storylines were worn thin by the time they resolved them, and some of the resolutions (like Peus/Pony Tail) were so abrupt, they were downright anti-climatic.  

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Note: Scandal Season 7 debuts later this year. 

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Scandal Season 6 Episode 16 Quotes

Fitz: You are very bossy.
Olivia: And you love it.

Olivia: Hi.
Fitz: What are you doing?
[Olivia laughs]
Fitz: Olivia. I specifically told you your mother was not to be released.