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Olivia worried that Mellie was going to be assassinated, and increased her security. 

Olivia also worried that Fitz was starting B-613 again and made him promise to go to Vermont with his campaign. Olivia figured out that Luna Vargas was the villain. 

She confronted her but Luna said she was not going to have Mellie's presidency marred in scandal. Olivia then told her to take pills to kill herself. 

Olivia later confronted Cyrus for his part in all of it, while asking him to be the new VP. 

Olivia kissed Fitz in front of the cameras, and things took a crazy turn. 

Quinn confirmed her pregnancy to Abby and the pair made up. Quinn then told Charlie about the pregnancy. 

They hugged it out.

Olivia questioned what her next move would be, and even started up B-613 again. 

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Scandal Season 6 Episode 16 Quotes

Fitz: You are very bossy.
Olivia: And you love it.

Olivia: Hi.
Fitz: What are you doing?
[Olivia laughs]
Fitz: Olivia. I specifically told you your mother was not to be released.