Supergirl Round Table: Is Superman Being Mind Controlled?

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Kara joins forces with Lillian Luthor on Supergirl Season 2 Episode 21 in an attempt to save Mon-El and Lena from Rhea's grasp. While they're both safe, Kara is still stuck on the ship and about to face off with...Superman? 

Below, TV Fanatics Steven Ford, Christine Orlando, Kathleen Wiedel, and Jim Garner offer their theories on why Superman punched Kara, the team up with the enemy, and what the finale will bring. 

Join us!

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Should Kara have abandoned ship and let Alex blow Rhea out of the sky, or do you agree with her decision to stay behind?

Steve: I want to agree with Kara for her decision, but Rhea has truly shown her ruthlessness. So, getting her to surrender would have never happened. That was their chance to take Rhea out, and they blew it.

Christine: Trying to convince Rhea to surrender was silly, but then again, Kara didn’t know she’d killed her own husband so maybe she didn’t realize how far gone Rhea really was. I admire Kara’s humanity, there isn’t enough of it in the world, but in this case, it backfired.

Kathleen: I'm with Christine. We the viewers knew just how ruthless Rhea is, while Kara really didn't. Kara's heart was in the right place, but, as Christine pointed out, it sure backfired, big time.

Jim: I agree with Steve. As much as I want to agree with Kara, all of the evidence has shown Rhea was not going to surrender. The woman killed her own husband for goodness sake.

Did Kara do the right thing by going to Lillian for help?

Steve: Even through all the evil that Lillian has done and what she is capable of, Kara was hoping that Lillian's intentions were true. They needed each other's help to take on Rhea. Even if it wasn't the best choice, it was made for the right reason.

Christine: Rhea was holding Lillian’s daughter, so I can understand trying to team up given that there were very few options. Thankfully, Kara and the team were smart enough to expect Lillian to stab them in the back as soon as she achieved her goal.

Kathleen: Pairing "enemy of my enemy" with good intentions paving the road to somewhere toasty? Oof. It's a tough question, no mistake. The stakes were certainly high. Personally, I would not have gone to Lillian, given her super-evil track record.

Jim: Doesn't this fall under that whole "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" rule? Who said that, Sun Tzu or Liam Neeson? I know one of them is wise in the way of combat, and the other wrote a book.

Teaming Up - Supergirl Season 2 Episode 21

What is your best guess on the Superman punch?

Steve: Either some type of mind control or that's not really Clark. It's difficult to say.

Christine: My first guess was some sort of alien mind control where he either can’t control his actions or is completely under someone else's control.

Kathleen: Mind control.

Jim: I'm guessing mind control. I have to imagine the fact Clark didn't show up at the beginning of the invasion was due to being mind controlled.

What was your favorite Cat moment?

Steve: There were so many! I love Cat's words of wisdom no matter who they're directed towards, but my favorite scene would have to be her transmission to the people of National City and inspiring them to rise up and take on the Daxamites. Somebody start the slow clap.

Good evening, National City, it's Cat Grant. Yes, I've been away for awhile, but I'm back. Now I can imagine that you're feeling afraid and feeling like your world is spinning out of control. But believe me, you have a power. And right now, you have a job to do. Resist. Resist these invaders with everything you've got. They come with empty promises and closed fists. They promise to make our world great again, and yet they know nothing about the people who make this world great.


Christine: Wasn’t it wonderful having Cat back? I don’t think I’ve ever loved her more than when she said, “We don’t need to measure anything, do we? We’re women.” Perfect!

Ladies, if I wanted to listen to this adolescent macho-posturing, I would have stayed in D.C. Is this really who you want to be? Testosterone-driven windbags boasting about your big guns? Surely we don't need to measure anything. We're women.


Kathleen: Cat really is awesome, isn't she? I'm just reminded how much I've missed her all season long. I'll go with the same scene Steve mentioned.

Jim: I have to go with Cat facing off against Rhea and giving her advice on wearing a tiara, I couldn't stop laughing.

Cat Mentors Supergirl - Supergirl Season 2 Episode 21

What are your hopes for the finale? Do you have any theories on how it will end?

Steve: I mentioned during our last round table that I think Kara will end up killing Rhea, but since they had the chance to kill her in this episode and didn't take that shot, my theory is now in doubt that it will happen at this point. I don't really have any thoughts on how it will end, I just hope we get more Cat Grant in the finale!

Christine: Among other things, I’m guessing we’ll find out that the offspring of Mon-El and Lena Luthor now exists. That should be one heck of a twist to both Kara and Mon-El’s romance, and Kara and Lena’s friendship.

Kathleen: Hey, Steve, maybe they'll throw Rhea into the Phantom Zone without a spaceship! That would be awesome! Ahem. I agree with Christine that the existence of a Mon-El/Lena offspring would definitely complicate things and on many levels.

Since this hypothetical child would have been created without the knowledge or consent of either party, would they feel responsible for him or her?

If Rhea is killed or otherwise incapacitated, who should care for the child? Whatever happens with these more profound philosophical questions, however, I am anxiously anticipating superpowered smackdowns!

Jim: I want more of this new Cat Grant in the finale. Not only is she more positive and being a better mentor, visually they've stopped using a soft focus filter on her and she looks in focus!

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Supergirl Season 2 Episode 21 Quotes

Winn: Uh guys, I just picked up on some sort of live transmission from Air Force One.
Kara: Air Force One?
Alex: Wait, don't tell me the President is heading towards the conflict and not away.
Kara: Every time I think I can't get happier I voted for that woman...

Kara: James, I'm so glad you're okay.
James: Yeah, me too. It's a war zone out there. Daxamite troops are beaming down from everywhere, setting up checkpoints, arresting resisters. It's almost like they're instituting their own Martial Law.
Winn: Not to mention the full on Independence Day going out there with the mothership hovering over the city.