The CW Season Finale Spoilers: How Will Riverdale, Arrow and The Flash Conclude?

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It's time for your favorite CW shows to bid adieu as the 2016-2017 season comes to a close. 

We've scoured the internet for spoilers on how Riverdale, The Flash, Arrow, The 100, Supernatural, Jane the Virgin and Supergirl will conclude. 

Scroll down for the latest details on how the above series will celebrate the end of their seasons. 


1. Riverdale

Riverdale's twisty freshman season will come to a close in shocking fashion. With the Blossom legacy falling apart, Cheryl will do something nobody will expect after learning the truth about why her brother was murdered.

2. Supergirl

With the fate of National City at stake, Supergirl will do battle with Rhea. Supergirl's cousin, Superman returns after a highly-praised two-episode stint earlier this season. Cat Grant will also be handing out some words of wisdom to Supergirl.

3. Jane The Virgin

Jane The Virgin
Jane's dearly departed ex, Michael will play a huge part in the final episode of Season 3. This is due to a letter he wrote before his wedding to Jane. In other events, Petra will do something out of spite when she questions whether Jane likes Rafael.

4. The Flash

The Flash
Barry will go to war with Savitar when he realizes there is no other way to save his friends. Look for the Savitar reveal to pave the way for Barry to make that message the characters heard on this season's big crossover episodes.

5. Arrow

The final episode of Season 5 will signal the end of an era as the characters make their way to Lian Yu for one final battle with Prometheus. Deathstroke, Nyssa Al Ghul, Malcolm Merlyn and Digger Harkness will be along for the ride.

6. The 100

The 100
With the fate of her people weighing heavy on her mind, Clarke will go to any lengths possible to secure safety for everyone ... even if that means making the ultimate sacrifice.

7. Supernatural

In the first half of the two-hour season finale, the American Hunters and the British Hunters will continue to wage war on one another. Look for that plot strand to be closed off before the second hour. The final hour will find Lucifer going to war with Sam, Dean and Castiel for control of his unborn child.

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Cheryl: Ummm, did you have a lobotomy for breakfast? You’re wearing my signature color!
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