Twin Peaks Review: Familiar Faces, Unfamiliar Places

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Things are making just as much sense as one would expect, especially when the audience knows that Cooper is far from close to returning to Twin Peaks.

This makes sense considering the journey there is half the adventure, but it is very frustrating knowing the truth while the other characters don't yet.

Things Get Strange - Twin Peaks

The double feature of Twin Peaks Season 1 Episode 3 and Twin Peaks Season 1 Episode 4 continued to not give us much with answers, instead throwing the real Cooper back into real world with no awareness.

That quiet lack of understanding combined with Albert and Gordon buying the fact that Evil Cooper is the long lost Cooper set up more obstacles for the future. 

Cooper spends plenty of time trying to get back to Earth, only to then move from slot machine to slot machine in Vegas. And it truly is hilarious watching him pick up mannerisms from different people along the way, all while winning it big on every machine he picks. 

Although I wouldn't object to someone wrapping him up in a blanket and offering him some coffee and pie instead. He clearly won't be making much progress for the time being.

Someone manufactured you for a purpose, but I think now that's been fulfilled.

The One-Armed Man

Gordon and Albert were clued in a little about Cooper being alive, except of course they end up meeting Evil Cooper instead. They aren't sure that this is their old friend, but they don't write him off either.

Obviously if they see someone who looks just like Cooper they would be quick to believe that this is him. Plus Evil Cooper creates an elaborate story about how he was undercover all this time, which might work except we all know that isn't the truth.

Gordon and Albert experienced first hand the wonder of Twin Peaks, they know that not everything is what it seems, and I really hope that is taken into consideration in the next episodes.

They have their doubts, but it is up to them to debunk Evil Cooper, not giving his story any merit before he manages to disappear again.

Time To Consult - Twin Peaks

Plus them realizing early on that something fishy is going on gives them a head start on finding the real Cooper. 

One familiar face that we have to discuss is Bobby, who is now part of the police force in Twin Peaks?

How has he found himself doing this complete 180 from when we last saw him?

The one thing that hasn't changed is that lovely ugly crying because there must be something in the coffee in Twin Peaks to make everyone that level of emotional.

It has been 25 years but just an old picture of Laura Palmer can set Bobby off? That is one of the many throwbacks that I am excited to see, especially since I wasn't very fond of Bobby before but his small role already was such a standout in this episode.

You mean Jade has to give you two rides?


He managed to give a clue, if that was even meant to be a clue but I'm going to mark it down for now. Cooper, or Evil Cooper, came to visit Bobby's father a day or so before he died. 

They shared a conversation about something, but I'm wondering if maybe Evil Cooper may have left more than there than we originally thought? It might be something to look out for, a key piece of evidence that Evil Cooper might have wanted to keep quiet. 

Laura Palmer? Man, brings back some memories.


Now other parts of Twin Peaks presented a really wonderful parallel of the old and the new.

The old ways that crimes were solved came from things like listening to a log, paying attention to dreams, and just relying on luck to point them in the right direction. 

But times are different, which we see when Sheriff Truman walks into the back of the station where everything is high tech, a stark difference.

Add to that new officers who don't believe in anything that Hawk trusts, that sets a tone.

This was actually a great way to point out that while it might have been easy to buy into the fact that everyone in town was the same kind of strange, places evolve.

Gordon I trust you, you know that. And I believe you are on the trail of something big.


At this point it would almost make no sense if everyone was still buying into unsupported ideas like listening to a log for answers or not trusting evidence more than any possible guesses.

This makes the energy in the department not very bright, but matters a lot more than I thought we would get to see.

This could even create more issues down the line, with people like Hawk and Andy willing to trust that these answers will come to them no matter what the source, while others in the station don't listen to what they can't see.

Do you use chocolate as a remedy for gas?


Random thought but can The Black Lodge appear anywhere now?

It took Cooper's other doppelganger inside of it, then appeared to Cooper himself when he was struggling to do pretty much anything in that house.

Is The One Armed Man meant to guide Cooper because so far it isn't looking good. Did they not realize that they sent this guy out into the world to destroy his evil self, without any help.

This goes without saying that Cooper was trapped in there so long I am shocked he could even form sentences, he really must have just sat in that chair and not interacted with anyone. 

It is much scarier than anything else we've seen so far, to imagine Cooper lost and unaware for 25 years, having no real human contact.

This is exactly why the people that know him need to find him, and I might be hinting at Audrey because how is she still not back yet?

For Your Consideration 

  • Audrey is the woman that needs to take a look at Cooper. Albert knows where she drinks and it is in Twin Peaks and nothing else is an option. 
  • Donut disturb.
  • Wally Brando may have been the biggest waste of scene time so far. 
  • Fire Walk With Me is on my must watch list because all the references and I still missed all of it.
  • It is all about the electricity, that is how all of them are connected at least right now.

What did you think of everything that went down? What could you have went without and what did you want to see more of? Who do you think is the one woman that could help them identify Cooper? Who else needs to make their return from the original seasons? Let us know what you think below!

And if you need to go back to take some more notes on any small hints of what is to come, you can watch Twin Peaks online right here on TV Fanatic.

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Twin Peaks Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Someone manufactured you for a purpose, but I think now that's been fulfilled.

The One-Armed Man

You mean Jade has to give you two rides?