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How did everyone react when a pretender to the throne emerged?

That was addressed on The White Princess Season 1 Episode 7 when trouble brewed amongst the characters when it became apparent that not everyone trusted the King.

With Lizzie and King Henry at war with one another, the two begun conspiring against the other, prompting everyone around them to question whether it was worth being close to either of them. 

Did the King and his Princess find a way to stay together?

Use the video above to watch The White Princess online to get up to speed with all of the drama. 

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The White Princess Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

By killing him, The Boy becomes a myth and martyr. His power, ten times greater in the ballads they sing. He must appear the maggot that he is so that Europe will be embarrassed to have had him at their table.


Lady Margaret [about The Boy]: He is a counterfeit!
Lizzie: Of course he is a counterfeit! You think we do not know that?
Henry: He says himself that I must kill him as a threat, so I will not. I will not be commanded by him. I will parade him. [to Lizzie] Do you agree?