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Following The Boy's capture, Lady Margaret schemes with the Bishop to convince Cathy Gordon to voluntarily leave sanctuary with her son. Once she arrives at Westminster, they tell her that her marriage has been annulled and that her child is bastard, taking him from her to the royal nursery. Henry is unable to simply execute The Boy because of the situation with Europe and a fear that it will make him look weak; he decides to attempt to corrupt their marriage by seducing Cathy. Lizzie does not take this well. Maggie is approached by the Duchess of Burgundy, who is hanging out in Cheapside, for her help in a rescue attempt for The Boy. Maggie becomes more and more unsettled by her cousin Lizzie's actions towards Cathy and The Boy, and ultimately agrees. She also confronts Lizzie, and tells her if there's even a chance that she believes The Boy to be Richard, she must save him so that the curse laid by Elizabeth Woodville isn't visited upon her sons. Lizzie arranges for Maggie to take The Boy to visit Cathy, and then starts a fire in the royal wardrobe, where he is assumed to be locked up. She tells them that this is their only chance to escape and that she will get their child to them. She thinks that she has convinced him, but is surprised when instead of fleeing he walks triumphantly out of the flames into the courtyard, proclaiming once again that he is Richard of York.

The White Princess
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The White Princess Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

By killing him, The Boy becomes a myth and martyr. His power, ten times greater in the ballads they sing. He must appear the maggot that he is so that Europe will be embarrassed to have had him at their table.


Lady Margaret [about The Boy]: He is a counterfeit!
Lizzie: Of course he is a counterfeit! You think we do not know that?
Henry: He says himself that I must kill him as a threat, so I will not. I will not be commanded by him. I will parade him. [to Lizzie] Do you agree?