Twin Peaks Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Part 6

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When everything seems like it is winding down, that is when it all begins to explode.

Or at least that is what happened during Twin Peaks Season 1 Episode 6 when the recently introduced Richard Horne solidified that he has to be the most hated character so far. Meanwhile, Cooper is still doing his thing and making everyone frustrated that he can't remember enough to get himself over to Twin Peaks.

At least Hawk seemed to make some progress in that bathroom, making me wonder if I should check public bathroom stalls for loose things inside of it as well.

Don't Die - Twin Peaks

Richard Horne is a garbage person that deserves nothing good in his life. Ever.

So not only did he grab that girl at the bar and threaten to rape her, he then managed to be even more disgusting.

This time around he killed an innocent boy, not even stopping when he saw that the street was no longer clear. He just continued to drive, killing the boy and not even looking back. 

Then he disappeared into the woods where he wiped the evidence off, not showing any sign of remorse.

I get it, there are horrible people out there. But why exactly is this disgusting person getting so much of our attention?

What exactly is it about his story that requires us to spend time with him? And frankly is there even anything that will now make anyone care about where he is headed?

The only real question I want answered about him is his parentage. Is he Ben Horne's son? Is he Audrey's son?

All I ask is that he is in no way revealed as Audrey's son. She would never have a child so sinister and uncaring, and I don't see that being the entryway into the big Audrey reveal.

Don't die

One Armed Man

Cooper is still clueless but at least he is killing it at his job?

Who knew that drawing on important paperwork would result in a huge discovery?

Cooper probably didn't but he clearly has some kind of knowledge or assigned luck that keeps him safe throughout his entire journey back to Twin Peaks.

It appears as if that could very well be his connection to the Black Lodge, which might have something to do with him winning all that money and now connecting dots when he can barely even figure out how revolving doors work. 

I am interested in seeing how this newly acquired knowledge or instinct crosses over into him actually killing his doppelganger. At the very least, all of this is helping Cooper survive and succeed as best as he can without too many people looking into him.

Although it is mind-blowing how strange this person is acting all of a sudden, and no one in his life notices enough to do anything.

Dougie's wife did mention a doctor but her husband is barely speaking, yet there don't seem to be actual attempts made by her or his boss or his co workers to confront the issue. 

Does it just make sense that this constant person in their lives changed almost completely?

I love a town at night when it's 34 degrees and raining.


There is nothing quite like a surprise murder sequence. 

I'm not even going to try and piece together whatever that was meant to be. 

It looks like he got it done, maybe the body count wasn't meant to be 3+ people but he looked plenty pleased with himself.

It did appear though that he needs to get a new murder weapon if his next target is Dougie. 

And is he doing this out of order if he stabbed the picture of Dougie first but didn't handle that before killing the woman? Is there a specific pattern that he needs to follow? 

Fuck Gene Kelly!


The One Armed Man appeared to Cooper again, proving that he has a decent amount of attention now that he is watching what will happen with the doppelgangers. 

Who knows if we will get this answered but I again can't help but wonder why there wasn't more preparation with Cooper. Even now, couldn't the One Armed Man reawaken some of what Cooper lost?

It appears as if he wants Cooper to succeed, so why not provide the resources to do just that? This could be a small detail to dwell on in the scheme of everything else, but Cooper really isn't getting much closer to unlocking his past.

And watching Cooper try to was funny at first, now it is more frustrating because so much time is being wasted. If anyone deserves not to lose even more of it, it has to be Cooper.

We are living in a dark, dark age and you are part of the problem.

Janey-E Jones

For Your Consideration

  • Diane though. I need more, so much more. It was one of the best introductions, and it lived up to they hype but now it is time to see how it is delivered moving forward. Who else needs to see a Cooper/Diane interaction? After all this time, this is all we really need. 
  •  Where is Audrey Horne? Seriously. It has been six episodes, we are all ready for her to appear and here's hoping it isn't in the form of Richard's mother. Please and thank you.
  • Watching Cooper drink coffee never gets old, that joy might be the brightest thing about the show right now.
  • Frank's wife really can't give him a break, can she? Maybe she and Nadine could get along, if they aren't already spending quality time watching Dr. Jacoby and his golden shovels. 
  • Albert cursing is a dream come true. Kind of like hearing Heidi and her laugh again.
  • Can Janey-E Jones handle all my business transactions from now on? If I owe anyone even the smallest amount of money, she should be the one to pass it on and give them an entire lecture on their behavior. That may have been just a ploy to get them too involved in that instead of having an issue with the fact that she gave them half of what they were looking for. But it worked (for now) so clearly she knows what she is doing.

What did you think of the episode? What did you find to be the most brutal part? How are we feeling about the lack of exposure with Twin Peaks and just about everyone out there? What did you enjoy the most? What did you enjoy the least? Let us know below.

And if you want to experience some of the episodes again, you can always watch Twin Peaks online right here on TV Fanatic. 

Part 6 Review

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Don't die

One Armed Man

I love a town at night when it's 34 degrees and raining.