How to Get Away with Murder Season 4: Jimmy Smits Joins Cast

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How to Get Away with Murder will return for another season of murder and secrets later this year, and the ABC drama is rounding out its cast. 

Per TV Line,  Jimmy Smits will be among the new additions to the frothy drama's fourth season. He will play a major figure in Annalise's life. 

Jimmy Smits 24

He is also said to play a part in the overarching mystery of the season, so something tells us his guest arc may become more prominent. 

Smits most recently appeared on Fox's ill-fated 24: Legacy, which never managed to match up to its predecessor with both critics and viewers. 

The Emmy winning actor has also appeared in the likes of NYPD Blue and Sons of Anarchy, so he's no stranger to the small screen. 

Jimmy Smits, outlaw

How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 was a divisive one. It featured the death of Alfred Enoch's Wes Gibbins after some trickery with the show's flash-forward format. 

Initially, viewers were told if they met a character in the flash-forwards, they would be safe and would not perish in a gigantic fire at Annalise's beautiful mansion. 

However, that was not actually the case, and Wes was revealed to be the one who was killed off. It was the show's biggest twist, and while the reveal about who carried out the killing was a dud, it was apparent it would still be a focal point of Season 4. 

I See a Phone - 24: Legacy Season 1 Episode 4

With Laurel's ex, Dominic carrying out the deed on behalf of her father, viewers gasped when it was revealed Laurel was mingling with Dominic. 

We don't know how this will all play out, but we're sure the show will throw in a few soapy twists to keep us on our toes for the full season. 

Senator John Donovan - 24: Legacy

Remember you can watch How to Get Away with Murder online to get up to speed with the latest drama for the characters. 

Over to you, How to Get Away with Murder Fanatics. What do you think of the casting news?

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